Honorable prime minister of India Mr. Narendra modi visited Kyrgyz Republic and inaugurated tele-medicine centers in Osh and Bishkek


The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today visited the Kyrgyz-India Mountain Biomedical Research Centre (KIMBMRC) at Bishkek. He was briefed by scientists there on the activities at the Centre.The Prime Minister interacted with Indian and Kyrgyz soldiers at the Too Ashu laboratory which is part of the ongoing Phase 1 of the project.


The Prime Minister said that the research done at this Centre will greatly benefit the health of soldiers who secure the borders at high altitude.The Prime Minister inaugurated the first telemedicine link between India and Central Asia. He witnessed a tele-consultation for a cardiac patient between doctors in Osh city in Southern Kyrgyzstan, with doctors in Bishkek and with the Apollo hospital and AIIMS in Delhi.


The Prime Minister electronically unveiled a plaque commemorating the inauguration of the extreme high altitude test laboratory – Phase 2 of the KIMBMRC project – situated in the Syok Pass at an altitude of 4000 metres. The laboratory will be constructed later this year.

Jalalabad state university students celebrated international yoga day

Students of Jalalabad state university celebrated International yoga day. A ceremony was organized at university hall where students as well as guests attended the ceremony. Students performed on the stage, presented tablo representing indian culture and traditions. Students performed yoga, sang indian songs and enjoyed the festival.


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JaSU students celebrated indian festival holi

Jalal-abad state university’s administration along with students organized Holy program as in India. First they celebrated holy  with different colours and baloons in hostel premises. In the evening , a party was organized at Restaurant < Panorama>. The faculty members, teachers , and guests from Osh State university were invited in the party. Students showed their beautiful performances. They danced , they sang and had a very good time.

Every Asian festivals are celebrated in JASU so that the sudents who have been living far away from motherland dont feel that they are living in a foreign country.