Nooruz in Kyrgyzstan 3

“Nooruz” in Kyrgyzstan

There are various traditions and holidays in Kyrgyzstan like in other countries around the world. Holidays are very important for Kyrgyz people, because they bring people together. One of the most popular and most spirited Great public festivals in Kyrgyzstan is Nooruz – the day of the vernal equinox – when ancient people made sacrifices to the sun. Ancient people used such large pot to cook a sacrificial horse and then ate it together.
people began New Year from Nooruz and waited successes in further life.

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Honorable prime minister of India Mr. Narendra modi visited Kyrgyz Republic and inaugurated tele-medicine centers in Osh and Bishkek


The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today visited the Kyrgyz-India Mountain Biomedical Research Centre (KIMBMRC) at Bishkek. He was briefed by scientists there on the activities at the Centre.The Prime Minister interacted with Indian and Kyrgyz soldiers at the Too Ashu laboratory which is part of the ongoing Phase 1 of the project.


The Prime Minister said that the research done at this Centre will greatly benefit the health of soldiers who secure the borders at high altitude.The Prime Minister inaugurated the first telemedicine link between India and Central Asia. He witnessed a tele-consultation for a cardiac patient between doctors in Osh city in Southern Kyrgyzstan, with doctors in Bishkek and with the Apollo hospital and AIIMS in Delhi.


The Prime Minister electronically unveiled a plaque commemorating the inauguration of the extreme high altitude test laboratory – Phase 2 of the KIMBMRC project – situated in the Syok Pass at an altitude of 4000 metres. The laboratory will be constructed later this year.

Jalalabad state university students celebrated international yoga day

Students of Jalalabad state university celebrated International yoga day. A ceremony was organized at university hall where students as well as guests attended the ceremony. Students performed on the stage, presented tablo representing indian culture and traditions. Students performed yoga, sang indian songs and enjoyed the festival.


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JaSU students celebrated indian festival holi

Jalal-abad state university’s administration along with students organized Holy program as in India. First they celebrated holy  with different colours and baloons in hostel premises. In the evening , a party was organized at Restaurant < Panorama>. The faculty members, teachers , and guests from Osh State university were invited in the party. Students showed their beautiful performances. They danced , they sang and had a very good time.

Every Asian festivals are celebrated in JASU so that the sudents who have been living far away from motherland dont feel that they are living in a foreign country.


president visit

Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev visits Jalalabat State University

Kyrgyz President of Kyrgyzstan Praises Confucius Institute’s Chinese Culture Week Picture Exhibition at Jalalabat State University


Bishkek,  (Xinhua, journalist Guan Jianwu)—A series of “Chinese Culture Week” activities was officially launched in the Jalalabad teaching center of Confucius Institute at Bishkek Humanities University, Kyrgyzstan on March 16th. President Almazbek Atambayev was present and spoke highly of the activities.

On that day, accompanied by Kyrgyzstani Minister of Education Kanat Sadykov and other government officials, Atambayev inspected Jalalabad State University located in prefecture of Jalalabad, the southern part of Kyrgyzstan. They visited the Chinese Culture Week Picture Exhibition launched by the teaching center of the Confucius Institute in this university.

After viewing the picture exhibition, Atambayev approached the exhibition boards put up by the Confucius Institute teaching center. Whilst looking at the pictures, he nodded his head and offered praise. He noted that the pictures “are of good quality and are most exquisite”.

The Chinese Culture Week Picture Exhibition consists of two parts: “Eagle Tribe – Photography Show of Cultural Geography in Kyrgyzstan” and “Jalalabad State University Teachers and Students China Trip Photographic Exhibition”. The 80 photography works exhibited in Eagle Tribe are from Chinese photographer Chen Zhifeng, who spent 8 days taking these photos in Kyrgyzstan in 2011. Most of the works are those of portrait photography and aerial scenery photography and depict the profound friendship between Chinese and Kyrgyzstan peoples; the “Jalalabad State University Teachers and Students China Trip Photographic Exhibition” focuses on the teaching achievements and cultural activities of the Confucius Institute teaching center in Jalalabad State University. A great number of locals were drawn to the Culture Week activities and they received a strong response in Jalalabad State University.

Mainstream media outlets, such as Kyrgyzstan’s state television, reported on the Culture Week activities.

president visit
Mr. Almazbek Atambayev, President of Kyrgyzstan (middle front) and the President of Jalalabad State University praise the pictures on exhibit


Mr. Kanat Sadykov, the Kyrgyzstani Minister of Education takes in the Photography Show with care


Mr. Kanat Sadykov, the Kyrgyzstani Minister of Education (the third from the left) and the leaders of Jalalabad University of Economics and Entrepreneurship take a group photo with Chinese language teachers


Indonesian Ambassador visits Jalalabat State University

Exploring the Cooperation with Universities in Osh and Jalalabad

Jalalabat State University

Indonesian Ambassador for Kyrgyzstan H.E. Mohamad Asruchin met each with the Rector of Osh State University Mr. Kanybek Isakov and the rector of Jalalabad State University Mr Akunjan Abdrasehev to cooperation in education between RI-Kyrgyzstan.

Mr. Kanybek Isakov stated that Osh State University has more than 30 thousand students from various areas both within and outside Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan as well to make it as the biggest university in Kyrgyzstan, as population in the southern region of Kyrgyzstan constitutes for more than 50% of the Kyrgyzstan’s entire population. Osh State University has applied 4 basic principles in the implementation of instructional activities that are Integration, Innovation, Investment and Intellectuality. Osh State University budget of U.S. $ 500 million earned from its own management added by 5% by assistance from the Kyrgyz Central Government.

Administration and management in the education system is conducted on on-line and transparent system so that all activities including student assessment are open to all that it lured and attracted many parties’ willingness to establish cooperation with the University including among others, China, Turkey, the U.S. and Germany. In this regard, the Osh State University also offered to cooperate with universities in Indonesia. Mr. Isakov promised to support the cooperation with Indonesia. During the meeting, Ambassador Asruchin also briefed on Darmasiswa scholarship program for foreign students to learn the Indonesian language and culture in Indonesia.

Meeting with Jalalabad State University rector, Mr. Akunjan Abdrasehev discussed much on the situation and conditions in Jalalabad including the University which is commemorating its 20th anniversary. Mr Abdrashaev Jalalabad State University confirmed that the cooperation opportunities are open to various parties including that of Indonesia. Given the his background as professor in Political Science, Ambassador suggested that the rector spare his time to give lectures on the development of the Kyrgyzstan political situation in courses in Indonesia, including that of the Diplomatic Academy in the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Agreement of International cooperation with University for Peace



The University for Peace Central Asia Programme has been generously supported by donor contributions from:

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Norway (NORAD)
  • Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)
  • United States Institute for Peace (USIP)

The University for Peace intends that a number of respected academic and research institutions within the region and across the world shall be systematically involved in an International Knowledge Network on Central Asia so as to mobilise expertise and insight on the urgent issues of conflict prevention and social and economic progress in the region which are the focus of the program. Thus we draw the professors and guest lecturers for our courses, and the experts for our research projects, from top institutions around the world.

Additionally, the University for Peace has developed relationships with universities and civil society organisations in the Central Asia region via trainings, workshops, conferences and research.  These universities and organisations include:

  • Osh State University, Osh, Kyrgyzstan
  • Jalalabad State University, Gender Research Center at Jalalabad State
  • University, Jalalabad Kyrgyzstan
  • Narin State University, Narin Kyrgyzstan
  • Russian-Kyrgyz Slavonic University, Kyrgyzstan
  • Institute of European Civilizations at Kyrgyz National University, Kyrgyzstan
  • Kyrgyz National University, Bishkek, Kyrgyzsta
  • Khujand State University, Khujand, Tajikistan
  • Russian Tajik Slavonic University,Dushanbe, Tajikistan
  • Tajik State National University, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
  • Center for Strategic Research under the President of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
  • Pedagogical University, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
  • Islamic University, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
  • State Institute of increasing the qualification of civil servants, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
  • Kulyab State University, Kulyab, Tajikistan
  • Police Academy, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
  • Medresse Shaih Muslihiddin, Khujand, Tajikistan
  • NGO Society and Civilization, Khujand, Tajikistan
  • NGO Youth and Civilization, Khujand, Tajikistan
  • NGO Rusht, Kurgan-Tube, Tajikistan
  • NGO Nakukor, Kulyab Tajikistan
  • NGO Fariza, Khujand Tajikistan
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