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Anti-corruption measures in educational institutions

One of the priorities of building a democratic society today is the fight against corruption.

Corruption is the non-statutory acceptance personally or through intermediaries of property goods and benefits by persons performing public functions, as well as persons equated to them, using their official powers and related opportunities, or using their powers in another way to obtain property benefits. , as well as the bribery of these persons by unlawfully providing them with physical and legal persons of the specified benefits and advantages. Offenses related to corruption (corruption offenses) are acts involving corruption or creating conditions for corruption that entail administrative and criminal liability established by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The urgency of the fight against corruption is that it should be comprehensive. Consolidated efforts are needed not only by the state, but also by the entire civil society in all regions of the country. The result will be when the fight against corruption, firstly, will become a constant and unrelenting function of the state, and secondly – the subject of vigilant and vigilant control by society.

Corruption has a devastating effect on all legal institutions. The facts of corruption that occur in the field of education have a corrupting and destructive influence on the process of the formation of young people, their moral principles and faith in the creative processes in Kyrgyzstan.


Phones and email addresses
Helplines of LASU: 03722 5-59-68, 03722 5-04-55, 03722 5-65-52
E-mail and ZHAGU website: [email protected], jagu.kg
Government Office of the Kyrgyz Republic: (0312) 625-385 (from 9-00 to 18-00 hours on weekdays)
Prosecutor General’s Office: (0312) 66-28-19, 62-08-93
Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic: (0312) 66-23-31
State Service for Combating Economic Crimes: 195
State Committee for National Security: (0312) 62-65-04, 66-04-75

Anti-Corruption Documents
Instructive letter on the SJC

Order on GAK

Detailed anti-corruption plan of the Ministry of Education