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A.T APIU dissertations

  In the dissertation work of Jalal-Abad State University, the Department of Finance and the credit “Done” . Scientific supervisor: Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor Kultaev Çokoeviç buttons. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF RESEARCH The relevance of the thesis: In the current context of globalization, the economic development of the Kyrgyz Republic in the complex changes in the global economy […]


On June 18-19, 2019, a two-day training seminar on the search for patent databases and the development of Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISC) was organized by the State Service of Intellectual Property and Innovations under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzpatent) in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization Bishkek. Doctor of Technical […]


On the basis of the Agreement on international cooperation dated January 21, 2019, Ph.D. of the Department of Economics of the Institute of Mardan Saparbayeva Shymkent 1-16, Ph.D. Demeubaeva Akmaral Ospanovna on May 24, 2019, held a guest lecture on the topic “Leadership and Management in the Global World” at the Department “Finance and Credit” of the […]

“The students’ knowledge, to Kyrgyzstan”

Jalal-Abad State University admits students, “Students will be educated, to Kyrgyzstan”,  at a festival in the name of the student, and a number of students were awarded with diplomas. The festival in 2019 in the town of Talas, Regional Development and applicable digitization year Talas State University, was held. The seven intellectual, talented and creative students […]

Training on multicultural education from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights for Central Asia (OHCHR)

The purpose of the training : To increase the values ​​of diversity, equality and non-discrimination and promote the strengthening of human rights among the youth of Kyrgyzstan through the use of the methodological resource of the “UNITY IN DIVERSITY: PEDAGOGICAL APPROACHES AND TECHNOLOGIES” guidelines for teachers of higher education. Training objectives: To increase the personal level […]

Science and Technology Announces KYRGYZSTAN

Rosa Otunbanvanındemilgesi in Bishkek, organized by the International Foundation of Science and Technology of women held a forum.          This forum contributes significantly to the economy, the sciences, or STEM, with a sparkling group of prominent women in the direction of Rosa Otunbanvanın which was the initiative of the International Foundation for excellence in order to attract […]

Chemists practical Summary

Department of Chemistry Faculty of natural and technical X-1-17 and X-1-18 team held a conference for the adaptation and production practice, the final reporting. PhD, chief of the department, Dr. evaluation Arstanbekova Nurcan , for the practice of official Mamaturaimova N. A. and practice managers, Satkankulova M. E., Bolotbekov AO and 4-year students participated in […]

The employment of gifted students

Faculty of economic, legal, financial and credit department of the team held a meeting with employers. This meeting of National Bank of Jalal-Abad regional branch was attended by the Chief Accountant of the Jalal-Abad branch Mamasaliyeva Aingul.Employers and the financial and credit department of economics, associate professor Karbekova isabekov. The team of the department and the […]


The state language of the Kyrgyz Republic of Medical Faculty of the Foreign Students  held a festival to honor the “Friendship Club”. This festival of nations  spreads  language and literature and journalism worldwide under the supervision of professor, head of the department Dr. G.Bakirovanın.

“Chemists” Kyrgyzneftegaz

Faculty of natural and technical students of “Chemistry” department served the  industrial practice. The head of the department in the town of Kochkor-Ata Kyrgyzneftegaz company. Kyrgyzstan has the only students who work on an oil and gas exploration and production of gas and oil, gas and oil products to sell to customers in all the […]

Rector of the titles competing

Jalal-Abad State University faculty, colleges, and departments organized the international intellectual game “Wise” Pedagogy Faculty of information and technology in a large conference hall. The game has already been conducted. This time, the young rector salışışıp competed for the Cup, it was the middle of the 7-team tournament. Youth Committee of the action planned this event […]


Within the framework of the “ROAD” project, the regional administrative development goals, which are implemented at Jalal-Abad State University, were given a 4-day training seminar entitled “Adult Education Methods” for the university faculty at the center “Training and Counseling for Government Officials”. During the training, relevant topics were considered as “Timemanagement”, “Methods of teaching adults”, “how […]

Academician of the academy Abdygani Erkebaev JASU

Jalal-Abad State University staff and students with the Supreme Council held a meeting of ex-KIC. During the meeting, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, Doctor of philological sciences, professor  got acquainted with the achievements. Thorough knowledge of the teachings of luck, young people, and contributed to the country’s socio-economic development of the […]

Chemists Day

Faculty of natural and technical chemistry “Day”, held a celebratory dinner. Studenetter and teachers attended the party. “Chemistry” department head of the party, PhD, Assoc, in his speech, congratulated N.B.Arstanbekova, chemists, with a brief look at the achievements of the department Dean of the Faculty of natural and technical Ph.D., associate professor J.B.Şamiev congratulated teachers, students, and discussed […]

“A notary!” CAMPAIGN

National Commission on State Language under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic “, the notary!” organized the campaign in college. The various interesting activities in Jalal-Abad took place on May 15. According to him, 25 teachers, 75 students participated in literacy. The following indicator has been given below: Qualitative indicator – 60% Achieving 90%  – […]