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Branch “Pharmacy”

Branch “Pharmacy”

Branch "Pharmacy"

Head of Department

Dyikanov Kiyalbek Almambekoviç

Adress:720048, Kyrgyz Republic, g.Jalal ul-Abad. M.Botbaeva b /


E-mail:[email protected]

Medical College LASU Department of “Pharmacy” – “060108”, on the qualification of “pharmacist”, with the aim of training, according to the decision number 6 of 05/21/2012 “Council of Scientists of the Medical College at ZHAGU, compiled and approved according to the order No. 126 dated 25.05.2012 Rector of Zhagu, on the basis of the order of the Department of “Pharmacy” 1/41 from 02.01.2015g.

Educational activities

Currently, the pharmacy department provides training on:

Specialties: 060108 «Pharmacy» qualification – pharmacist

The departments provide the following disciplines:

In the specialty of pharmacy:

  • Pharmaceutical technology
  • Organization and Economics of Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Pharmacology

Centers, classrooms, laboratories

There are 4 large lecture halls for conducting theoretical classes, laboratories and classrooms function in the main building for practical classes. In addition, at the periphery: ZHKO, Alman Farm, Neman Farm, Delta Medical. To improve the material and technical base, the medical college in 2012-2016 purchased tools, reagents, laboratory equipment and training materials.

List of required classrooms and laboratories

  • Organizations and Economics of Pharmacy
  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Pharmacognosy


Today in the department of “Pharmacy” work: the head of the department, the head of the PMH,

12 teachers, 12 of them full-time

Educational and methodical work:

To provide methodological assistance to teachers of the department “Pharmacy” organized methodical study and the head of the PMH. The departments of Pharmacy carry out the following methodical work:

In the direction of improving the quality of education :

Mutual visit by teachers of different subjects, as well as exchange of experience with other departments, according to the schedule, open lessons are held, with the use of banners, slides, videos, posters by experienced teachers. For the training of new teachers, the head of the PMH organizes various seminars and conferences. For the organization of independent work of the student (IWS) all the necessary conditions have been created, the necessary literature has been purchased for the library.Teachers of the department prepared training, teaching and visual aids for the disciplines assigned to the department. When conducting classes, visual materials are used (stands, tables, CDs, video films, etc.)

Research work of students (NIRS)

For the organization of independent work of the student (IWS) all the necessary conditions have been created, the necessary literature has been purchased for the library. Organized scientific circles, such as: “Biointellect”, which is headed by A. Doroev, the head of the Avicenna circle is Turgunov E.C., the head of the Farmhimia circle is J. Zhooshbayeva.

To improve the professional qualifications of teachers, the departments attend various courses and seminars. The main purpose and responsibility of the head of the PMH is:

  1. Exchange of experience between teachers
  2. Improving the motivation of teaching the subject
  3. Increase students’ knowledge and constant work on themselves
  4. Learn to solve painful problems with the team

The achieved success of subjects – to achieve the goal before the disciplines: pharmacology, pharmacy chemistry, microbiology should be a continuous link between theory and practice, as well as enhancing students’ interests in science. Working with different scientific topics, capable students want to emulate their faculty and graduate students. What do we offer in such cases? for example: cell multiplication, their microscopic study, the preparation of sections, the preparation of media, the study of the effect on the body of soft, solid, liquid drugs, we conduct chemical analyzes, we determine their identification. These methods are conducted in experimental laboratories of educational buildings, therefore it is necessary to improve the practical skills of students should be carried out in just such experimental laboratories. The medical college has created special laboratories for students, the students, in turn, use the necessary materials and carry out certain experiments. In addition, according to the program, various excursions are planned for medical organizations and private clinics of the Jalal-Abad region

The Department of Pharmacy cooperates with the following medical colleges:

Bishkek Medical College, Jalal-Abad Medical College, Medical College of Uzgen at OshMU, Medical College of Osh, Medical College of Kochkor-Ata, Medical College of Mailuu-Suu.