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Within the framework of the “ROAD” project, the regional administrative development goals, which are implemented at Jalal-Abad State University, were given a 4-day training seminar entitled “Adult Education Methods” for the university faculty at the center “Training and Counseling for Government Officials”. During the training, relevant topics were considered as “Timemanagement”, “Methods of teaching adults”, “how […]

Academician of the academy Abdygani Erkebaev JASU

Jalal-Abad State University staff and students with the Supreme Council held a meeting of ex-KIC. During the meeting, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, Doctor of philological sciences, professor  got acquainted with the achievements. Thorough knowledge of the teachings of luck, young people, and contributed to the country’s socio-economic development of the […]

Chemists Day

Faculty of natural and technical chemistry “Day”, held a celebratory dinner. Studenetter and teachers attended the party. “Chemistry” department head of the party, PhD, Assoc, in his speech, congratulated N.B.Arstanbekova, chemists, with a brief look at the achievements of the department Dean of the Faculty of natural and technical Ph.D., associate professor J.B.Şamiev congratulated teachers, students, and discussed […]

“A notary!” CAMPAIGN

National Commission on State Language under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic “, the notary!” organized the campaign in college. The various interesting activities in Jalal-Abad took place on May 15. According to him, 25 teachers, 75 students participated in literacy. The following indicator has been given below: Qualitative indicator – 60% Achieving 90%  – […]

“Bless my successor will declare”

“2019-year is the year of regional development and digitization of the country ” and it is part of a campaign JASU student university to associate with cultural and aesthetic “Warmth” Dance Ensemble”. The event was located in the city of Jalal-Abad University where colorful performances of talented students from all faculties and colleges were presented. […]

BEST interns identified

In Jalal-Abad College, the special training sections of graduate students were organized in the elementary schools, and they fully  concentrated on children . These practitioners who  supervised the activities were awarded with the title of ‘Best Mentor UK for their contribution to the teachers.


Having the strong language and literature profile AI-1-2-16 groups, vocational and basic, ARD-1-17 team conference summarized the adaptation of the students in pedagogical practice. “This is a great teacher of the department.” Ashimbaev Gulbayra reported.The second-year students for the adaptation of pedagogical practiced and were told about the course of action.

Jalal-Abad State University of New Brunswick was conducted among students in the subject Olympics

Jalal-Abad State University’s  Regional educational institutions on May 14, 2019 held XI – subject Olympics the between the College and the walnuts in Kochkor-Ata.  Kochkor-Ata, Director of the College Olympics İhtibar Moldokerimova illustrated the subject Olympic history, the aims, objectives and focused on the role of the educational process. Walnuts conducted among college students XI, […]

I will appreciate their heroic

I will appreciate their heroic actions.  May 14, 2019  12  Medical College held a ceremony dedicated to the 74 anniversary of the Great Victory.   And, the 1st year students in specialty “pharmacy” with the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, their nerve, performed a variety of songs.   

Choose the best specialty chemical

Choose the best specialty chemical  May 14, 2019  12 Natural-Technical Faculty of the Department of Chemistry “,” X-1-16 team held a conference for the base of professional practice and final reporting. During the conference, the “Best in class” and “best” visual “,” Best extracurricular activities were held in the nomination contest.  

Became a Battleground

 May 13, 2019  Old teacher, Guljan, from  the Faculty of Philology and Department of English Language and Literature Research, spoke about the skills class, “Our first step in Learning English Language” Lesson 1-on courses. This course is mainly regarding about the  students in the English language in order to increase their interest in the competition […]


HAS READ FIELDWORK  May 8, 2019         College of the Jalal-Abad “Social activities”  conference took place to familiarize students in the 2-year-specialty practice in the final. At the conference,  students were informed about their social activities which were performed during summer. Deputy Director on production G. Adams and Legal Studies and head of […]


JASU Poetry MEAL  May 8, 2019  Jalal-Abad State University Youth Committee organized “Evening of Poetry”. Talented students involved in the party and recited the verses of poems.   

CHINA BRIDGE “fight” were in the form SELECT

 May 8, 2019.  Jalal-Abad State University Confucius Institute, named after “Chinese Bridge”, organized the  contest among schools. The competition was divided into two sections which highlighted the  talent and artistic speech of students. Comments:


HAS READ, READ FIELDWORK  May 7, 2019  In Jalal-Abad,  the final conference was held for MDS Specialist 2-year student at the College of the practice for assessment. At a conference in Basque, 01-18, 02-18, Basque-guard deployed teams from 2-17 students reading and discovered that reports on the practice and the practice of skills and abilities, […]