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Chair of Economics and Informatics

Chair of Economics and Informatics

Chair of Economics and Informatics

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Acting Associate Professor

Usupov Melis Usenbaevich

Adress:Jalal-Abad region Tash-Kumyr st. Student 4, building 1 department is located on the second floor, room 220


E-mail:[email protected]

The Department of Economics and Informatics was established on the basis of the Department of General Technical Disciplines in the Tash-Kumyr Technological Faculty in accordance with the Decree of the Academic Council of the Jalal-Abad State University of 29.04.1998. №83.

The purpose of creating the department “E and I” is the preparation of highly qualified specialists in the field of accounting and auditing, whose professional activities are carried out in all spheres of the national economy and is aimed at quality servicing of the functioning of economic entities of all legal forms of ownership, the sphere of budgetary and extrabudgetary institutional structures.

The main tasks of the department are related to the implementation of educational, scientific, methodological work necessary for the preparation of highly qualified accountants and economists for enterprises and organizations of various sectors of the economy, specialists for the financial and credit system of the country, as well as financial and economic specialists.

The main mission of the department is the preparation of professional, competitive and competent specialists in the field of accounting, analysis and audit, able to use the knowledge gained for work in organizations of various legal forms of ownership, as well as continuous upgrading of existing accountants and auditors, in accordance with the constantly changing external medium.

Educational activity

The “Economics” profile “Accounting, analysis and audit” profile enables students to obtain extensive economic knowledge on the formation and analysis of information about assets, liabilities, capital, cash flow, income and expenses needed by any business entity, financial performance of the enterprise.

Teaching Staff

The department includes 9 full-time teachers.

The qualitative composition of the PPP is as follows:

Candidates of economic sciences, acting as associate professors – 2;

senior teachers – 2;

teachers – 3;

trainee teachers – 2.

Material and technical base:

The educational process is carried out in two academic buildings:

educational building No. 1 with a total area of ​​2050.9 square meters. meter;

educational building № 2 – 191.5 square meters. meter;

Department “Economics and Informatics” is located in the building № 1 with a total area of ​​2050.9 square meters. meter, where classes are held in special disciplines. There is a specially equipped cabinet for the course and diploma design, a department library, laboratories, a computer class, an Internet classroom, an office of an electronic library, five lecture rooms for lecture and practical classes.

At the faculty there are 2 libraries, an electronic library, a reading room for 60 seats, there is a departmental library on the department separately.

In the educational process, the department uses audiences for lecture classes (212, 213, 216, 217). Computer classes (room 208, 209) and electronic library (room 218, 219) are used for conducting laboratory, practical classes, and also for independent work of students.

Educational-methodical work

For all the disciplines provided for in the working curriculum of the direction, teachers of the graduating and providing departments have developed teaching and methodological complexes (work programs and teaching materials on discipline). UMK developed by leading teachers, after consideration and approval at the meeting of the department approved by the dean of the faculty. The relevance of CMD is ensured by the reflection in them of the current state of science and technology and the use of educational literature published after 2009.

The department has developed programs for training, production and prequalification practices, implemented in accordance with the working curriculum.

The Department of Economics and Informatics gives its students the opportunity to practice in the leading enterprises, institutions and banks of this region.

Scientific achievements:

Currently, 5 full-time teachers are engaged in scientific work at the department, among them: 1 – has a scientific degree of candidate of economic sciences, 3 – defended candidate’s theses ,.

The main scientific publications of the department

Research work of students (SRWS)

The department pays much attention to the organization of research work of students.

All teachers of the department supervise the preparation of scientific reports of students taking part in the days of science and student scientific and practical conferences held annually in the Tash-Kumyr Engineering and Pedagogical Faculty and the JASU. Student science is seen as an important factor in deepening the professional training of specialists.

The department holds an annual Olympiad on micro, macroeconomics and accounting. Winning students participate in interuniversity student’s Olympiads.

Participation in conferences, symposiums and seminars

“International Theoretical and Practical Conference of the Issyk-Kul Forum of Accountants and Auditors of Central Asian Countries” July 5-8, 2015, Cholpon-Ata

XXI International Scientific and Practical Conference