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Department: “Energy Sources, Electric Power Systems and Mechanics”

Department: “Energy Sources, Electric Power Systems and Mechanics”

Department: “Energy Sources, Electric Power Systems and Mechanics”

Head of Department, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Accepted art Kokumbaeva

Adress:Kyrgyz Republic, g.Jalal-building pr.Manas 80, ATF, the audience of 111


E-mail:[email protected]

The department “Energy Sources, Electric Power Systems and Mechanics” was opened in 2009 (Decree No. 1/265 of the Academic Council of the ZAGU dated August 30, 2009)

Since the opening of the department and until 2013, the department was headed by Ph.D., associate professor OmurzakovJ.O., from 2013 to date, the head of the department is Ph.D., associate professor Kokumbaeva K.A. Associate Professor Kokumbaeva Kulumkan Asanovna is the author and co-author of twenty manuals, more than 30 scientific articles.

Department of “ Energy sources, electric power systems and mechanics  – is one of the leading educational and scientific departments of natural-technical faculty (ETF), provides training for undergraduate, graduate engineers, popular and promising in the labor market.

By the decision of the Collegium of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, ZhB No. 39, dated 06/18/2012, a license was obtained for educational activities in the specialty Electric Power Systems and Networks. NextLicense No. LD 170000045, Reg. No. 17/0075, protocol No. 1-2-7 of February 9, 2017 (unlimited).

The city of Jalal-Abad is the center of the Jalal-Abad region and in the territory of the Jalal-Abad region there are large hydroelectric power stations such as: Toktogulskaya, Kurp-Say, Tash-Kumyrskaya, Shamaldy-Sai, Uch-Kurgan. Currently, work on the construction of the Kambar-Ata hydroelectric station has been resumed. According to the adopted energy programs; The Kyrgyz Republic in the near future will be the reconstruction and construction of new small and mini hydroelectric power stations of various capacities that worked in the sixties of the last century. On the territory of the region hundreds of substations with different voltages of 35-500 kV and various capacities are operated. For the operation and maintenance of the power equipment of the hydroelectric power station and the substation, the department trains highly qualified personnel in the specialty “Electric power systems and networks”.

A graduate of the department – a specialist of wide profile. It can work in all sectors related to the production, transmission, distribution, consumption of electric energy (Hydroelectric power stations, substations, distribution companies of the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad, as well as continue postgraduate education and engage in scientific and educational activities).

The training of staff of the BEP 640200 – “Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering” has been carried out at ZhASU since September 1, 2012. Graduates of the BEP receive an academic bachelor’s degree – an engineer. Duration of study: on the basis of general secondary education 4 years (only full-time); year (only full-time). Training is conducted in Kyrgyz and Russian languages. ZhASU is fully proficient in academic resources for educational activities on the accreditation of the PLO.

The purpose of the development of the department is to prepare highly qualified competitive personnel in demand in the labor market in the south of the country and in general in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Personnel training in areas 640200 – “Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering” is carried out in three departments of the faculty. Of the full-time teachers have a scientific degree – 4 people, which is 44%.

The implementation of this State educational standard is mandatory for all universities that implement professional educational programs for the preparation of bachelors, regardless of their organizational and legal forms.

The quality of bachelors training is ensured by the qualifications of faculty, advanced infrastructure, the use of modern learning technologies and students’ knowledge control, the integration of education, science and industry.

Catalogs of elective disciplines of educational programs are updated annually in accordance with the recommendations of employers. Representatives of employers participate in the development and adjustment of educational programs. Among them are JSC “Jalalabatelektro”, PSGES, ZHPVES, Osh PVES, etc.

The development plans of the PLO 640200- “Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering” correspond to the national priorities of the development of the country, the essence and individuality of the university, its activities. The achieved results of the development of the faculty and LASU, and the direction of the preparation of bachelors in the direction of “Electric power industry and electrical engineering” fully retain their relevance for the future of the country.

OP 640200- “Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering” has the following positive aspects:

– the plan for the development of educational programs is publicly discussed with representatives of all interested parties, coherence with the national development priorities and the development strategy of the educational organization is ensured;

– a learning environment has been created that reflects the specifics of educational programs, which include: personalized interactive resources (with access and during extracurricular time), including training materials and tasks, ensuring the possibility of trial self-assessment of students’ knowledge through remote access to the university portal, etc. ;

-organization of the educational process on the basis of credit learning technologies;

-cooperation with typical employers during the educational process;

– the availability and staffing of teaching materials in all disciplines of educational programs.

Quantitative and qualitative composition of PPP.

During the reporting period, the department “IE, EES and M” among the full-time teachers are 2 – Ph.D., professor, 2 – Ph.D., associate professor and 3 – senior lecturers, 2 teachers. Teachers with an academic degree are 44%.

The teachers have a portfolio in which all the necessary information about qualifications, lists of main works, a list of disciplines to be read are presented.

№ п / пF. I. O. teacherPositionDegreePercentage of
1Bale A. A.ProfessorD.T.22%
2Alibaev A. P.ProfessorD.T.
3Kokumbaeva K.A.Head of Department, Associate ProfessorPh.D.22%
4Zh. B. ShamievdocentPh.D.
5MD ErgeshovSenior teacher33%
6Toktosapieva K. M.Senior teacher
7Pokpokcat S. B.Senior teacher
8Dosbaev A.ZH.Teacher23%
9Aliev M.K.Teacher 

For achievements and achievements in the field of education, the teachers of the department “IE, EES and M” were awarded state and other awards:

  • Diploma of the Kyrgyz Republic – 1
  • State Prize of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of science and technology -1
  • Certificate of Merit MOKKR – 5;
  • Diploma of Honor of the JogorkukeşeshaKR;
  • Excellence in Education – 4;
  • Medal of the Academy of Engineering of the Kyrgyz Republic “Honorary Engineer” -1
  • Diploma of the city hall of Jalal-Abad – 3;
  • Diploma of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Jalal-Abad region – 2.

Also, after the defense of the thesis by the management of ZHAGU, awards in the amount of 20,000 and 30,000 soms are awarded.

One of the priority directions of development of ZHAGU is the improvement of the quality level of teaching staff. In this direction, the department of science and the educational department carry out purposeful work, by holding various competitions among faculty members, assessing its competence and teaching quality, which is the guarantor of the development strategy of Zhagu.The faculty of the department every year actively participate in contests and win prizes.

Winners of the competition:

1. For the 2017-2018 academic year, Professor A. Ashiraliev participated in competitions at ZhASU, the nomination “Best Professor” and “Best Textbook” and was awarded with I – II degree diplomas and monetary incentives;

2. According to the results of 2017-2018, the Circle “Alternative Energy Sources” was awarded a diploma – III degree and monetary encouragement, the head of the circle M.Aliyev.

3. For the 2016-2017 academic year, associate professor K.Kokumbaeva participated in competitions at Zhagu, the nomination “Best Inventor” and was awarded a diploma of I degree and monetary incentives.

4. For the 2014-2015 academic year, the department was awarded in the nomination “Best Laboratory” a diploma of II degree and monetary incentives.

5. For the 2013-2014 academic year, associate professor K.A. Kokumbaeva participated in competitions at ZhASU, the nomination “Best associate professor” and was awarded a diploma of III degree and monetary encouragement.

Graduates in the field of Power in accordance with the fundamental and special training can perform the following activities:
– design and production and technology; 
– research; 
– operational; 
– installation and commissioning; 
– organizational and managerial.

The objects of graduate professional activity are :

• power stations and substations, power lines, 
• electric power systems; 
• electric power, – technical, – physical and technological installations of high voltage; 
• automatic control and relay protection devices in the electric power industry; 
• power plants, power plants and complexes based on unconventional and renewable energy sources; 
• hydroelectric power plants and hydropower plants.

Relations with production, employment of graduates.

JASU officially cooperates with other universities and enterprises of the energy sector of Jalal-Abad region. The goal is to ensure comparable recognition of qualifications and on the employment of graduates. This is confirmed by the possibility of transferring students of college, undergraduate and graduate programs at Zhagu to other universities of the Kyrgyz Republic and many other countries and vice versa.

In order to employ graduates, ZHAGU takes a permanent part in job fairs. In job fairs, employers announce vacancies in the relevant specialty.

University students do internships in various energy enterprises and gain practical skills in combination. After graduation they continue their professional activities, especially in these places.

For example: communication with employers is established as during practice, state attestations, they choose excellent students and are invited to work.

2014-year AkmatalyevSulaymanAkmataliyevich received a diploma with honors and on 06.26.2014 got a job on the recommendation of the chairman of the State Joint-Stock Company Chief Engineer of ZhPVES MK Muratov

2017-year SulaimanovTariel received a diploma with honors, also got a job on the recommendation of the head of practice from the enterprise deputy. Director of JSC “Jalalabatelektro” Paizov A.M.

Graduates are successfully employed in the specialty not only in the Jalal-Abad region, but also in other regions of the Kyrgyz Republic, such as the city of Bishkek, Batken and Osh regions, and also abroad: the Russian Federation.

Analyzing last year’s employment data, it can be stated that mainly graduates are in demand, while we see that the number of employed graduates is about 45%, who find work in various regions.

Total graduates14
Of which: employed6
Temporarily idle8

Graduates in the field of “Electric Power Systems and Networks” work in high-voltage electrical grid enterprises, power stations, substations, regional electrical networks and various industrial enterprises.

In order to identify the level of professional readiness of graduate students from the field of industrial and pre-qualification practices, company managers provide feedback on the achievements and shortcomings of a theoretical and practical nature, and new production technologies.

Upon graduation, PLO students are awarded state diplomas in Kyrgyz and Russian languages, with the qualification “Bachelor of Electrical Power Systems and Networks”.

Direction and preparation

The preparation of bachelors is carried out by the department according to the profile: “Electric power systems and networks”.

Training rooms, computer classes and training equipment.

In the direction of “Power and Electrical Engineering” there are 9 audiences. Each audience is framed by educational stands, laboratory facilities for major disciplines. Each teacher has the opportunity to conduct classes using technical means (projector, computer, interactive whiteboard).

 Also, in some subjects, laboratory work is performed in the laboratory of Jalal-Abad College and ZPVES and Jalalabatelectro OJSC. For laboratory and practical classes in the laboratories of ZPVES and OJSC Jalabatelektro, agreements were signed between the university and the enterprises, in accordance with the order of the deputy head of the Jalal-Abad regional state administration “On the establishment of a regional educational technical base at the ZPVES” (Order No. 237p dated July 28, 1997 .). To do this, a schedule of classes held at the enterprises and approved by the directors of enterprises.

The main directions of scientific activity of faculty:

Topics of research work of the department:

VAT assessment of the slopes of reservoirs, dams hydraulic structures.

Assessment of the prospects for the hydropower potential of the small rivers of the republic and the study of the possibility of their use for the generation of electric energy.

The department has published for five years 45 articles in various international and republican editions. Participated and made presentations in 18 conferences and seminars.

Patents :

In 2016, one patent was received.

Research activities (SRW, SRWS) .

The research and teaching staff of the faculty is reflected in the publications of scientific papers, in the participation in international conferences of teachers of the department, corresponding to the national policy of the state in the field of education, science and innovation development.

At this time, the department of research conducted on the following topics:

1. Innovative project on the theme “Introduction of a steam water-heating boiler of a new principle of action for heating the educational building in order to save electricity ” . Participants: Dr. Sc., Professor A. Ashiraliev, Ph.D., Associate Professor Kokumbaeva K .BUT.

At the end of 2017, Kyrgyzpatent held the contest “BEST INNOVA-ZIONNAYA PROJECT”. The authors of the project on the theme “Introduction of a steam water-heating boiler of a new principle of action” successfully passed this competition. Based on the Decision of the Organizing Committee for the contest “Best Innovative Project” dated September 26, 2017 and the Resolution of the Board of Kyrgyzpatent No. 33 dated December 20, 2017. Based on this Resolution, on December 21, 2017 between Kyrgyzpatent and Jalal-Abad a state university contract was made. According to this Agreement, Kyrgyzpatent provided free of charge funds (grant) in the amount of 281,000 (two hundred eighty one thousand) soms to solve the above purpose.

As a result of this project, a steam and water heating boiler of a new principle of operation was installed in the educational building No. 7 of the ZHAGU.

2. Innovative project on the topic: ASCME is a transparent solution for metering and power quality. The International Fund “Initiative of R. Otunbayeva” in November 2018 held a competition of innovative projects. Associate Professor K.A. Kokumbaeva and Senior Lecturer K.M. Toktosopieva and a 3-4 year old student Choibekova E., Borubaeva J. successfully passed this competition. Following the results of the competition, the international fund “Initiative of R. Otunbayeva” held a seminar on the topic “Women in STEM” from 20 to 22 November. The ultimate goal of the project: at the department level, to create a laboratory stand for studying the principles of meter operation with AMR software, for training students and specialists in need in the field of energy and energy saving.

There are 2 220/110 kV substations, 39 110/35/10 kV substations in the power grid of Jalal-Abad oblast. In all substations on the side of 220 kV, 110 kV, 35 kV and 10 kV, modern meters with AMR were installed in the outgoing feeders. In the future, the task has been set and the installation of modern meters at enterprises and in the domestic sector is planned.

For maintenance and operation of these meters, specialists are required who own the AMR system.

This innovative project will provide an opportunity to solve the problem of this level and contribute to the training of highly qualified energy specialists, as well as the development of the energy system of the Kyrgyz Republic, including the Jalal-Abad region.           

НИРС ведется в соответствии с ежегодно утверждаемыми тематическими планами кафедр. Темы НИРС актуальны, содержат научную новизну и практическую значимость, основывается на современных теоретических достижениях науки и практики, выполняются с использованием современных методов научных исследований.

The participation of students in research and development activities, with the aim of improving the quality, is an indispensable element of training future specialists and is carried out in close connection with the educational process. To implement this principle, the departments use various forms of research work of students. The main forms of NIRS are: elements of research in theses, conducting studies with elements of research, performing research during training, production and pre-diploma practices, attracting students to interest groups, participation of students in national and regional student competitions confirmed by various publications, certificates, diplomas and letters of thanks.

Every year, according to tradition, a student scientific-practical conference is held at ZHAGU. For the 2017-2018 academic year, on the 26th of May, an annual regional scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the LASU was organized on the theme “Highly qualified specialist – the pride of the country”. The conference was dedicated to the declared year “Development of Regions and the Nomad’s Civilization”. Our section was called “Energy Sources, Electric Power Systems and Mechanics.” 19 reports were presented at the section.

The analysis of the dynamics of NIRS in the producing departments in the direction of “Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering” is as follows:

Academic yearPercentage of participationNumber of studentsTotal publications
201 -201 learning.1,7%8 student1.1 pp
201 -201 learning.8,84 %15 student4.1 bp
201 -201 learning.11,98 %16 student8.7 pp
2017-2018 learning.12,63 %19 student10, 4 pp.

In order to develop the student movement and realize the interests of students at the department, in 2014 a circle called “Alternative Energy Sources” was created. The leader of the circle is the teacher of the department Aliyev M.K. Lecturer of the department Dosbayev Abdisatar – scientific consultant for the production of models, because his scientific work is related to alternative energy sources.

At the end of 2017, the “Alternative Energy Sources” circle participated in the “Best Circle” competition and was awarded a diploma of the III-degree from the LASU

Members of the group made several mock-ups of alternative energy sources. For example: different types of models of micro HPP, wind turbines, solar installations.

Exhibition models of renewable energy sources made by students annually participate in seminars and exhibition conferences.

Information system, educational technologies used in the educational process

The AVN educational portal and the external information system AVN.jagu.kg, “Kelechek Bilim”, which allows teachers to interact with students remotely, open access to materials of disciplines, receive and evaluate students’ work, track their attendance, create automated tests, chat in real time and more. As well as information about the PLO, and the activities of the university and the department is published on the official website of the ZhASU www.jagu.kg.

Information and library support for students and faculty

BIC ZAGUU serves students of all forms of education, teachers, employees.

Provides users with domestic and foreign literature, periodical and informational publications in traditional and electronic form.

In Zhagu there is a library with a reading room for 250 seats. The library fund of ZHASU is 726 636, of which 528961 copies are fiction, 16706 copies are electronic resources, most of which are located in the open archive BIC (arch. Kirlibnet.kg) and are available to students and teachers at any time of the day. Textbooks in Kyrgyz language, there are more than 1188 copies.Books on specialties 1707 pieces, of which there are textbooks in the Kyrgyz language.

There is an electronic library in ZHAGU. The electronic library is equipped with 28 computers and one scanner. All computers are interconnected by a local network and connected to the worldwide Internet. In the electronic library at this time there are more than 300 e-books.

The provision of books per student is approximately 100%. Students can find the necessary literature through the electronic library, as well as via the wireless Internet WI-FIBEELINE.kg.

Main publications of the department

Textbooks in Kyrgyz language that are stamped with the MO and N KR:

  1. Engineering graphics. Textbook, A.Ashiraliyev.
  2. deliverables. 2015 years. Conservatory. A.Aşiraliev
  3. İzildöökutkaruuişterin jurguzuukoopsuzdugu. 2016 years. Conservatory. A.Aşiraliev
  4. Educational and methodical complexes for spec. disciplines.

Teaching and teaching aids :

1. Method instructions for the implementation of laboratory work on the discipline of  TOE Printer. ZhaGU 2001. 79 pp. Kokumbaeva KA, Toktogulov S.T.

2. End-to-end practice program. Printer. ZhAU 2002. Kokumbaeva K.A., Suerkulov M.A.

3. Guidelines for self-study discipline “Transmission and distribution of electricity.” Printer. ZhaGU 2002. 39 pages. Kokumbaeva KA, Toktogulov S.T.

4. Methodical instructions for practical training in the discipline “Thermal power plants” Typography ZhaGU 2003. p. 40. Kokumbaeva KA, Belekov T. Tashiev 3.

5. Methodical instructions for students of electric power engineering specialties of high voltage “Printing house ZhaGU 2008. 32 p. Kokumbaeva K.А., Dosbaev A.

6. Handbook on the design of the graphic part of the graduation projects and term papers (norms and standards) Typography ZhaGU 2014. Kokumbaeva K.A., Tashiev Z.

7. The course of the lecture on the discipline “Electricity” Typography ZhaGU 2015. Kokumbaeva KA, Kochkorova M.

Data on the organization of international cooperation in the framework of training on the accredited educational program.

Negotiations are underway to conclude an agreement on cooperation with universities of neighboring countries. For example: with the Technical Institute. I.Karimov. g.Olmalik of the Uzbek Republic.

No. P / PName of specialtiesstudent bodyOn wher number
1 course2 course3 course4 course5 course
1640200 Electric power engineering and electrical engineering (Electric power systems and networks)13222817133716143