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Department of Biology

Department of Biology

Department of Biology

Head of Department, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor

Egemberdieva Altynay Duishoeva

Adress:Jalal – Abad, Manas 60, Kyrgyz Republic, 715600


E-mail:e-mail: [email protected]

Department of Biology, Biology Department, was established in 1993 in order to prepare the specialties. Since established in 2005. Prior to LA Assoc. Amankulov TK In 2005, headed the department is divided into two (No.1 / 281, 08.09.2005,…) Botany Department, a.ç.i. j. Assoc. Alıbekov E. cps, and the chair of Zoology and teaching methods’ Assoc. BM Turdubaeva directing the scene. 2011. will combine the two departments, the Department of Biology (№ 1/133, 25.06. 11) and 2014 gg. p.i.n. until September Assoc. BM Turdubaeva headed.

Educational activity

Currently, the Department of Biology prepares specialists in the following areas

Direction 550100 – Natural Science (BA)

Direction 540000 Biology teacher

The following academic disciplines department provides teaching:  

  • Plant anatomy and morphology
  • Plant Systematics
  • The world of plants
  • Plant Physiology
  • Fundamentals of Microbiology Virology,
  • Zoology of Invertebrates
  • Zoology of vertebrates
  • Fauna of Kyrgyzstan
  • Human and Animal Physiology
  • Human anatomy and morphology
  • Molecular biology
  • Histology and Embryology
  • Cytology
  • Genetics
  • Study of biological methods
  • Principles of Ecology
  • Biotechnology
  • Biochemistry
  • Immunology
  • The age of anatomy

Training centers, classrooms, laboratories,

– Laboratory in training rooms, research laboratories, 9 – 3

To read

  • Lecture Hall – № 211
  • Lecture Hall – № 311
  • “The laboratory of microbiology, cytology, histology” – No. 213 (Approx. Kamchybekova K.)
  • “” Plant Systematics Laboratory, Paper No. 217. Teach him (AS)
  • “Zoology of invertebrates and vertebrates,” Laboratory No. 215 (LA Nurdinov Ş.Ş.)
  • “Plant anatomy and morphology,” Laboratory No. 217 (Approx. Jeenbekova BJ).
  • “Biochemistry Laboratory – No. 218 (” Teaching him. Bin yard)
  • “Human anatomy and jiziologiyası” Laboratory No. 309 (Teach him. KURMANBEKOVA DD)
  • “The theory of evolution,” Laboratory No. 315 (Teach him. Ormogoeva AA)

Science Education –

  • “Laboratory of Plant Physiology and Genetics” – No. 209 (Assoc. Egemberdieva AD)
  •  Flora and Fauna “,” Laboratory No. 212 (Assoc. Alıbekov E., Dyikanov K.)
  •  “Interactive teaching method. Teach him,” Laboratory No. 316 (Ormogoeva A.)

– professorial teaching staff:

Conclusions of the department is composed of:

3 of 10 full-time teachers, teacher – sovmestitel

Doctor of Science in qualitative composition: – 1, candidates of sciences – 6 senior teacher, assistant teacher, teacher-2, -3, -1.

the teaching staff

of staff

  • Egemberdieva Altynay Duishoeva, BI, associate professor, department head
  • A.Chekirov Amankulov fibers, Kayıpjanovna i. e., the  professor
  • A.Chekirov Alıbekov Emil Alıbekoviç, i. j., the professor.
  • Mr. Toktoraliev Slade, LA, associate professor
  • Shamshidin Şabidinoviç rule , LA, associate professor
  •  Bolotov hold Altynay senior teachers
  • KURMANBEKOVA Daanagül Duishoeva senior teachers
  • Ormogoeva By Arstanalievna senior teachers
  • Jeenbekova Burulai Jolbolduev teacher
  • Dyikanov Kiyalbek Almanbekoviya teacher

– methodical work

Approved by the Department of disciplines, manuals, training manuals and instructions assets held dayardalgan.Sabaktardı visual materials (stands, tables, CD drives, video, slides). Performing students’ self-created conditions that can meet the requirements. At the moment, 18 interdisciplinary curriculum guidelines was published.

Methods of students reading a book, reading instructions will be provided by 86%.  

– science and research (research)

The department to work with the International Funds

Hereinafter Initiatives Support Fund, critical reading and writing on the welfare of breeding program;

USAID Quality Learning Program;

-YuNİSEF – The leaders School ,. Creation of the favorable environment ‘Emergency’, ‘Welcome to School’ program;

– ADB, the National Curriculum Development Program;

-Baldardıkorgoo Fund – İnklyuzivdikokutuuprogramması;

-IFES aralıkuyumu;

– Aga Khan Foundation – Civic Education Program.

Scientific research activities


  • Biology and Ecology
  • Plant, soil and water resources
  • Genetics and breeding
  • Plant growing
  • Шалбаачылык
  • Flora and Fauna in the southern Kyrgyzstan

Funding for the state budget scientific research theme of business:


  • Jalal-Abad oblastandagı ekofaktorlordun plants, dairy goats, the impact of genetic and biological characteristics of the study of medicinal plants, goats and sheep fastsiolezun use of the treatment.
  • King Baba mamlketettik wildlife flora and fauna that the role of the formation of the natural environment, the insects to determine the specific structure of the plant community and environmental studies. 
  • Jalal-Abad region bioenvironmental features and biodiversity protection. 

Students’ scientific research work (perspective)

Students’ research department is the most basic and important part in the preparation of specialists. Skills of students in scientific research, training, 1st semester begins.

The department was established following scientific circles:     

1. “flower planters club,” manager Kamchybekova Kenzhegul assitent teacher. This workshop was created in 2012. Hobbies are a member of more than 15 students each year. The results of the work carried out by the brigades of the department, will make a presentation at the university level conferences. 2015-. 1st place.     

2. Preparation of “Live club,” head teacher Jeenbekova ignored. This workshop was created in 2010. The clubs have a membership of more than 20 students per year. The results of the work carried out by the brigades of the department, will make a presentation at the university level conferences. 

Exhibits of the exhibition, prepared by the students

  • Collections of insects, animals and birds are lacking Scarecrow, the herbarium of plants and flowers.

The main publications of the department


  • Amankulov TK    South Western Tien Shan forests of decomposition and formation characteristics and environmental protection issues, ıngaylanuusu Jalal-Abad: JSU, 2010. Page 350.
  • Asanova K. During Gipoksiya animals everyday role in enhancing the mitochondrial enzyme system . – Jalal-Abad. JSU, 2010. Page 150.

– Education and training manuals:

  1. Paper Turdubaeva BM, AS etc. Practical system of plants and capacity of the laboratory. – Jalal-Abad: LeasePlan, 2001. – B.225.
  2. Paper Turdubaeva BM, AS etc. Plant Systematics Laboratory workshops. – Jalal-Abad: LeasePlan, 2006. – B. 225.
  3. Turdubaeva BM Karabekova CT A practical guide to methods of teaching biology in Jalal-Abad, 2011
  4. Bolotov, yard, Turdubaeva B. E. Alıbekov Theo TM Writing on the subject of botany course testing methods. – Bishkek, 2009. – B. 137. 8.7 n / L.
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  20.  KURMANBEKOVA DD, Dyikanov K. Practical course on age Anatomy of Jalal-Abad: 2013, p. 160.

Scientific publications

1. Amankulova T.K. The study of pests of medicinal trees and shrubs of the Jalal-Abad region (on the example of cherry mucous pilus (caliroa cerasi I.) [text] / A. Temirova., N. Tukueva / // Vestnik Osh State University. Zharchysy No. 3, 2014- P.178 -182

2. Amankulova T.K. Biology of cherry mucous pililica (caliroa cerasi L) In the conditions of the Jalal-Abad region [text] / Temirova A.A / // OshTU 2-for 2014- P.126-128

3. Amankulov TK The unity of physical training and mental and moral training, [text], /M.J.Naymanbaev A.T.Çoyunova / 2014 // S.206-209

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Participation in conferences, symposia and seminars

  • Physical culture is the health and harmony of the nation. Donbass State University, Ukraine. September 12-13, 2013 Kurmanbekova DD
  • Independent work of students in terms of the implementation of a competent approach. American University of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan. October 29, 2013. Kurmanbekova DD
  • IFES elect on the program. Suzak district of Kyrgyzstan. 23- 24 November 2013. Ormogoeva AA
  • Of the current teachers’ competence. Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan 20.10 – 23.10.2015 .. Ormogoeva AA
  • The relevance of education pedpraktikanın. Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan. 19.11. 2015. Ormogoeva AA
  • The Great Silk Road in the establishment of the 145-year anniversary of the Naryn and S. Naryn State University, named after an international conference dedicated to the 17th anniversary of the system of international books. Naryn, Kyrgyzstan. 2013. A. Egemberdieva
  • Teaching the history of the formation, development and training in the future. The international scientific – practical conference. I.The name of the University. At least. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 2013. Egemberdieva A. KURMANBEKOVA D.
  • Symposium ‘Healthy generation amazement pillar of society. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. BJ, A. 2014. Egemberdieva Jeenbekova
  • Erected a workshop, efficient use of water, rain, snow, almond and walnut growing, seminars and training on Project demofermerlerdi SEP -3 years, Jalal-Abad. April 13 – 16, 2011 Bolotov yard
  • Ilimy practician conference “Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity of fruit crops and wild fruit species” KNAU them.Scriabin, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. June 17, 2011 Bolotova A.S.
  • Development of training “pistachio nuts Turks FAO / KYR / 3203 Project” on Mr. thinning techniques. Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan.July 21, 2011. Bolotov yard
  • Al aralyk practician conference “Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity of fruit crops and wild fruit varieties