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Department of electric power supply

Department of electric power supply

Department of electric power supply

Professor, head of the department, candidate of technical sciences.

Belekov Quite Esenbaeviç



E-mail:[email protected]

Bakalavriyattı point: 640200

Electric power industry Jean electrical engineering. Power supply – profiles

The information department in 1996, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Physics Department faculty pedagogical opened in 1998 on the basis of my successor as the basis of the order of the rector No.4 independent chair.

The department was in March 1998 until September 1998 rector for academic affairs, Ph.D., associate professor and tunnelsCAYLOOBAYEV headed. In September of the same until July 2003 cps Toktogulov T. headed. Since July 2003, to this day, Ph.D., Associate Professor Belekov Talaybek has led Esembaeviç.

Since 1996, the Department of electric power supply in the form of time training in the specialty 551701.03 – Power supply (networks) prepares. Since 2003, 551701.01 551701.02 – Electrical Power Systems and Power Plants and networks prepared specialties. Since 2013 640200 – Power and Electrical Engineering under the direction of production (electricity supply) profile.Today, the department has prepared more than 800 highly qualified professionals, and graduates Energy provides electricity for the people contributing to their collapse.

The teaching staff

The names of the professors and teachersPost-graduate degreeto his serviceEducational backgroundLabor experience
1Belekov Hassan Esembaeviçt.k., associate professordepartment headFPI, electrical engineer199032
2Koşbaev President Abdupattaeviçt.k., associate professordocentEngineer-researcher, 1994 – The CTS23
3Orozov Ruslan Nazarbaeviçt.k., associate professordocentOshTU, engineer, educator, 199619
4Turdukulova Review Team senior teachersEngineer, Electrical Engineer, 200514
5Minority -When Kaparbekoviç senior teachersEngineer, Electrical Engineer, 200115
6Jan Kumush PM a teacherZHAMU, electrical engineer, 2002 13
7Kochkorova romantic Bayışbekovna a teacherWARNING200413

Department of material-technical and educational information about the base

Electrical supply department of educational laboratories:

1. Power supply

2. Electrical theoretical bases

3. Electrotechnical materials

4. Electromechanics

5. The electric drive unit

6. Blackouts

7. meltdown against automatics

Bulletin Board List

6 – Electrical theory class laboratory equipment;

1 class – materials science laboratory equipment;

– isolation and extreme tension class 1 diagnostic laboratory;

Electrician – class 4 laboratory equipment;

– electric drive unit 2 laboratoriyalıku stands in a class;

– Information Technology course at 4 laboratory equipment;

2 class on the basics – electricity, laboratory stngd;

– relay protection class 2 diagnostic laboratory;

Automatic crash – class 2 diagnostic laboratory;

that does the job:

1. Electrical laboratory on the subject of the theoretical basis of the following works:

  1. Kirchhoff check the laws in practice;
  2. Research with constant current electrical wiring;
  3. Inductive tension bat and connect the capacitors in series;
  4. Indiktivdüü confrontation bat and connecting in parallel capacitors;
  5. Three phase chain and sprocket and research connected to three receivers;
  6. Linear electric chain processes.

2. The material on the subject of the following laboratory works

  1. Transformer oil ötkörümdüülügünsınoo electricity;
  2. Shoemaker, kilemçenin boom electric ötkörümdlüülük test;
  3. Insulators such as electricity, gas ötkörümdülügün test;
  4. Capacitor oil, electricity ötkörümdülügün test;

3. Electromechanics following laboratory works on the subject;

1) to determine the main parameters of the transformers;

2) the structure of the transformer;

3) simultaneous engines, the basic parameters of the study;

4) The study of the main parameters of asynchronous engines;

4. The electric drive unit according to the subject of the following laboratory works:

1) Construction of the main parameters of the study;

2) the principle of simultaneous engine research;

3) Three-phase motor rotation positive and negative studies;

4) asynchronous motor positive and studying to become a teiri

5. Electric light on the subject of the following laboratory works:

1) Connect a glowing bulb scheme fundamentals;

2) Connect lyuminitsettik Bulb scheme fundamentals;

3) single phase electric meter connection scheme of the fundamentals;

6. The subject of the protection relay, the following laboratory works:

1) Electric power supply systems, automatic frequency study of the structure of benefits;

2) The power supply system for automatic frequency relief bricklaying;

3) Power supply systems, automatic increase in frequency sharing studies;

4) Power supply systems, automatic research;

7. subject to the meltdown automatics boyunça following laboratory works:

1) One-way reactivate ikamsızdoo automatic electric power system studies;

2) Middle signal inflammation or accumulation of an accident, naladka and testing;

3) During the meltdown intermediate alarm operation;

4) During the meltdown signalitsianın work.

640200 Electricity and electrical engineering students to practice

Production practices. 640200 Electricity in the field of electrical engineering students practice reading confirmed the theoretical knowledge in practice, the invention of the electric system, learn the principles of operation.

Pre-qualification workpractices aim of qualifying employer to collect materials needed for the manufacture of electrical appliances operating principles, practical skills, jürgzüüü exchange of experience, the organization of work, collective work is the process of learning.

Senior students in the practical power supply contracts with energy, most notably the following companies:

Sample databases:

  • High tensions, Jalal-Abad, the power company
  • Jalal Masirov AK (city and regional power grids)
  • Institute of Water Problems, Hydropower and energy
  • Toktogul HPP cascade