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Department of Finance and Credit

Department of Finance and Credit

Department of Finance and Credit

Head of Department, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

Karbekova Aziza Baymamatovna

Adress:720909, Kyrgyz Republic, and – Jalal-Abad, the ATP Cycling Manas, Building 7, room 115a


E-mail:[email protected]

The Department of Finance and Credit is organized on the basis of the Department of Mathematical Methods and Economic Theory on September 14, 2009, order No. 1/290. Since the opening of the department and until July 2016, she was in charge of a doctor of economics, acting professor. Askarova A.

Educational activities

Currently, the Department of Finance and Credit provides training in

Direction 580100 Economics (finance and credit profile)

The department provides academic disciplines:

  1. Macroeconomics
  2. Economics of physical culture and sports
  3. Budget and budget system
  4. Computerization of accounting and reporting
  5. Statistics
  6. Finance
  7. Economy
  8. Economic and Mathematical Modeling
  9. Marketing
  10. World economy
  11. Introduction to the management of NGOs
  12. Money, credit, banks
  13. Investments and Innovations
  14. Corporate Finance
  15. National economy
  16. Monetary regulation
  17. The financial analysis
  18. Financial management
  19. International Monetary and Credit Relations
  20. Taxation of financial sector organizations
  21. Stocks and bods market
  22. Insurance
  23. Human resource management in financial institutions
  24. Financial markets and institutions
  25. Financial control
  26. Business Finance
  27. Economic security

for all areas of economic, humanitarian and continuing education institutions.

Centers, classrooms, laboratories

There are four educational and one laboratory rooms at the department:


  1. Finance (Head – N. Rajabalieva)
  2. Personnel management in financial and credit organizations (head.- N. Musakulov)
  3. Marketing (Rest. – Dzhamasheva G.)
  4. Securities Market (Head – G. Abdyrakhmanova)


The department includes:

12 full-time teachers, 2 part-time teachers

Qualitative composition: Doctors of Science -2, PhD -4, senior teachers -2, teachers -4, trainee teacher- 1

List of faculty members


  1. Karbekova Aziza Baymamatovna, Ph.D., associate professor, head of the department
  2. Askarova By Kanybekov, d.e.n., i.o.professor
  3. Zulpukarov Amankul Zulpukaroviç, professor d.e.n. 
  4. Umetov Salmoorbek Sadirbekoviç, k.e.n., i.o.dotsent
  5. Swing gendarme Sadıralieviç, k.e.n., i.o.dotsent
  6. Abdyrahmanova Gulchehra albums – senior prepodavatel
  7. APIU Aynagul Turamatovna – senior prepodavatel
  8. Dzhamasheva Gulbara MP – prepodavatel
  9. Nazira Nuralievna Rajabalieva – teacher
  10. Musakulov Resort Kuralbekoviç – prepodavatel
  11. Orozova Samidinovna – the original prepodavatel
  12. I. APIU Jalali intern prepodavatel   

Teachers of the department prepared teaching aids, lecture courses, teaching and visual aids on the disciplines assigned to the department. When conducting classes, visual material is used (stands, tables, CDs, audio and video films). The laboratories of the department are equipped with the equipment necessary for holding lectures and seminars.

Research work of research:

The direction of scientific research of the department:

The department is working on the topic “Socio-economic problems of the Kyrgyz Republic”. Young scientists were awarded the AkylTirek Award -2014 by Karbekova AB, AkylTirek-2015 for the achievements in science, advanced ideas for the benefit of society

State budget themes of research:

“Comprehensive analysis of the economy of Jalal-Abad region and the development of practical recommendations” (Zulpukarov A., Karbekova A., Umetov S.)

Science School:

08.00.05 Economics and management of the national economy, heads ZulpukarovAmankul, Doctor of Economics, Professor;Askarova A.K. Doctor of Economics, Acting prof .; Karbekova A.B. Ph.D., associate professor.

Research work of students (NIRS):

Research work of students is an obligatory, integral part of the preparation of students of the department.

The development of research skills for students begins with the first course.

For assistance to the EU project “Small and Medium Business Development” in the direction of a teacher and six students for conducting market analysis with secondary school students in Ala-Bukinsky and Aksy districts: project manager Ph.D., associate professor Karbekova AB and students Mamadaliev Munar, Zhunusov Beknazar, Orozkulova Kumushai, Chynybekov Klara, Mamadaliev Umetaly, Mamytova Aizirek received letters of appreciation from the director of the Osh branch of MSDSPKG.Berdibekov.

The main publications of the department:


  1. Zulpukarov A.Z. Agrarian Reform in the Kyrgyz Republic-Jalal-Abad: JASU, 2001, 14.3 p.
  2. Zulpukarov A.Z. Socio-economic problems of agrarian reform in the Kyrgyz Republic-Jalal-Abad: Zhagu, 2002, 14.2 p.
  3. Askarova A.K. Development and effectiveness of various forms of ownership of the Jalal-Abad region in the period of market relations. – Bishkek, 2002, 8.75 p.
  4. Askarova A.K. Banking marketing in the Kyrgyz Republic – Jalal-Abad: ZHAGU, 2011, 12.6 p. L.
  5. Karbekova A.B. Efficient use of land resources in the Jalal-Abad region. – Jalal-Abad: ZhASU, 2012, 16, 9 p..l.
  6. Zh.S. Sadyraliev Ways to improve the assessment of the investment potential of the region. – Jalal-Abad: ZHAGU, 2016, 6.75 p.

Teaching and teaching aids:

  1. Mamyralieva A.T., Karbekova A., Askarova A. Mathematical methods and models for operations research — Jalal-Abad; Zhagu, 2010.-142s.
  2. Karbekova A.B. Guidelines for writing the final qualifying work-Bishkek; 2011.-26c.
  3. A.Karbekova, A.K. Askarova, A.T. Mamyraliyev Guidelines for writing a term paper on the subject “Macroeconomics” -Jalal-Abad; ZHAGU. 2012.-23s.
  4. Karabekova A.K., Karbekova A.B. “Tax Control” – Jalal-Abad; ZHAGU. 2012.-206s.
  5. Karbekova isabekov, Scott J. Segunda economy and Jalal-Abad; 2013-39s.
  6. Askarova A.K., Mamyralieva A.T. Program and guidelines of practical training-Jalal-Abad; 2013.-42s.
  7. Abdyrakhmanova G.B. The internship program for students of the specialty “Finance and Credit” 2013.-42s.
  8. Rajabalieva N., Askarova A. Economics study guide for students of non-economic specialties, Jalal-Abad, 2014.- 174s.
  9. Abdyrakhmanov G. B. “Insurance” for students of the economic direction of full-time and part-time forms of education ZHAMU, 2014. -47 sec.
  10. A. Askarov, Rajabaliev N., Marketing Manual of Kyrgyzstan, Jalal-Abad, 2015. 154s.
  11. N.N. Rajabaliyeva Jalal-Abad treasury budget execution system; 2015.-130c.
  12. Marketing course, Jalal-Abad, 2015.-124s.
  13. Macroeconomics course lecture, Jalal-Abad, 2016.- 217s.
  14. Mamyralieva A.T. Computerization of accounting and reporting, Jalal-Abad; 2016.-90s.
  15. Abdyrahmanova Shaw Insurance and Jalal-Abad; 2016.-98s.
  16. Zhamasheva G.S. “Money Credit Bank” for students of the specialty “Finance and credit” “Accounting, audit” of ZHAMU, 2016. -92с
  17. Zhamasheva G.S.- Program for the passage of the pre-diploma practice “Banking” of ZHAMU, 2016. -45p.
  18. Askarova A. K. Marketing, textbook, Jalal-Abad. 2016. -154s

Scientific publications :

  1. A. Karbekova, G. Sadyraliev. Improving the method of analyzing the socio-economic growth of a region and its use in determining the investment potential of a region. Al-Paris.- Almaty, 2012. № 4, 108-113
  2. Askarova AK, Karbekova AB, Mamyralieva A.T. Foreign experience of marketing research in the banking system. Novosibirsk2012, 72-77.
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  4. Mamyralieva A.T. Information software forecasting. Geneva, Switzerland). 01/31/2014 110-113
  5. Mamyralieva A.T., Kultaev T.Ch.EuropeanScience. “Optimization of production and the size of the received financial credit of the economy.” Ufa, 2015, 102-107
  6. Abdyrakhmanova G. B. Trends in the development of the insurance market in the Kyrgyz Republic. Ufa.2015, 21-25
  7. Zhamasheva G.S. “Entrepreneurship as a special form of economic activity.” Ufa. 2015, 88-93.
  8. Karbekova A.B. Eurasian Economic Union in Kyrgyzstan. Higher Education of the Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, 2016.№1 (31), 79-80
  9. Abdyrakhmanova GB. Development trends and ways to improve OSAGO in Kyrgyzstan. United States 08.08.2016, 95
  10. MamyralievaA.T.InternationalScientificReview. “The system of models of economic forecasting.” Boston, 2016.№ 2 (12), 126-128
  11. Abdyrakhmanova G.B. – “Improvement and development of compulsory insurance in Kyrgyzstan” Bishkek. №12. 2016, 90-95
  12.  N.N. Rajabaliyeva Government securities market of the Kyrgyz Republic: problems and solutions. Ufa, 2015 39-44 p. 

Copyright certificates:

  1. Karbekova A.B. Effective use of land resources of Jalal-Abad region-2012. No. 2036
  2. Askarova A.K. Economic efficiency of various forms of ownership in the village.-2012.№ 2035
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Participation in conferences, symposia and seminars

  1. Development insurance in the Kyrgyz Republic. International Correspondence Scientific and Practical Conference. P.63-68 Novosibirsk-2012Abdyrakhmanova G., Rajabalieva N., Makhmudova G.
  2. UluslararasiTurkDunyasiSosyalBilimlerKongresi. Tax Code as a measure of administration of the Kyrgyz Republic. Turkey.- 2013 (Karbekova A.B., JumabaevaG.)
  3. UluslararasiTurkDunyasiSosyalBilimlerKongresiKarbekova AB State of migration of the population of Jalal-Abad oblast. Turkey, 2013. (A. Zulpukarov, A. Karbekova.)
  4. International scientific and practical conference “Problems and prospects of economic development of the Kyrgyz Republic in modern conditions” dedicated to the 65th anniversary of Dr. Sc. A. Sarybaeva, Problems of small and medium business in Kyrgyzstan. Bishkek, -2013 N.Razhabalieva
  5. Prospects for the development of insurance business in the Kyrgyz Republic. Economy. Bishkek. 2013. (Abdyrakhmanova G).
  6. The International Scientific and Practical Congress of Economists and Lawyers “The genesis of genius” ISAE “Consilium”. Женева, 2014. (МамыралиеваА.Т.)
  7. Issues of innovation activities of the agricultural sector in the Kyrgyz Republic. 2015. Al-Paris. Almaty, 2015. (A. Karbekova)
  8. Production efficiency in the agricultural sector. Al-Paris .- Almaty, 2015. (A. Karbekova)
  9. Society and Economics in the 21st Century: Applied and Basic Research. Collection of Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference. “Information software forecasting.” Ufa, 2015. (A. Mamyralieva)
  10. A New Look. International Journal of Science: a collection of scientific papers. “Development of the insurance market of the Kyrgyz Republic”. Novosibirsk 2015. (Askarova A.)
  11. International Scientific and Practical Conference “Society and Economics in the Twentieth Century: Applied and Basic Research”, Government securities market of the Kyrgyz Republic: problems and solutions. Ufa, 2015. (N. Rajabalieva)
  12. Current issues of economics and modern management: a collection of scientific papers on the results of the international scientific-practical conference. “The effectiveness of social protection of the population in the Kyrgyz Republic.” Samara 2016. (Askarov A.)
  13. International course “Integration of children with special needs in the education system” Israel, May 1-25, 2014 (A. Karbekova)
  14. RIS “International Economics and Policy Development (India, New Delhi), 10.02-7.03.2014 (Askarov A).
  15. Improving the method of analyzing the socio-economic growth of the region and its use in determining the investment potential of the region. Al Paris, (Kazakhstan). 2013. (Sadyraliev J., Karbekova A. B.)
  16. International Theoretical, Scientific and Practical Journal “News of the Issyk-Kul Forum of Accountants and Auditors of Central Asian Countries. “Analysis of the structure of the market of banking products and services in the Kyrgyz Republic of CJSC” Bai Tushum “. 2016. (Askarov A.)
  17.  The solution of economic problems. Jalal-Abad. 2016 (Askarova A., Raeva B.)
  18. International Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the fact. “Business and Management”, “Trends in Eurasian Economic Integration: Problems, Realities and Prospects” “Marketing as a Market Tool for the Development of Tourism” Osh, 2016 (G. Zhamasheva)

Doctoral and postgraduate

  • LADT prepares graduate and doctoral students in the specialty:
  • 08.00.05- economics and national economy management
  • 08.00.13- mathematical and instrumental methods of economics
  • 08.00.10- finance and credit

The international cooperation

  1. The department maintains scientific and educational ties with leading universities
  2. Bashkir State University
  3. International Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk
  4. Boston State University
  5. Voronezh Economics and Law Institute
  6. Kharkov State University
  7. Samara State University

International relations within the country

  1. Kyrgyz State National University
  2. Kyrgyz University of Economics
  3. Osh State University
  4. Naryn State University
  5. Osh University of Technology
  6. University of Economics and Entrepreneurship
  7. Osh State Social University
  8. Batken State University