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department “Sister Work”

department “Sister Work”

department "Sister Work"

Head of Department

Tentekova Holiday Mamanova

Adress:720048, Kyrgyz Republic, g.Jalal-Abad, ul. M.Botbaeva b /


E-mail:[email protected]

The Department of Obstetrics and Nursing at the Medical College of ZhASU was opened in November 2013 on the basis of the Clinical Disciplines Department

Educational activities

At present, the Nursing Department provides training in the following areas:

060109 “Nursing” qualification – Nurse

The department provides the following disciplines:

  • Basics of nursing
  • Anatomy and physiology of man
  • Social patronage
  • Reproductive Health and Family Planning
  • Basics of Palliative Care
  • Microbiology with virology and immunology
  • Basics of Ophthalmology
  • Basics of otorhinolaryngology

Centers, classrooms, laboratories

At the department there are 2 lecture halls, 5 preclinical rooms, a gym, and a virtual laboratory for microbiology.

  • Preclinical study of the foundations of nursing (head.- Baktybek to G.)
  • Preclinical study of the foundations of nursing (head.- Satarov AA)
  • Preclinical study of the foundations of nursing (head – Bolotova DA)
  • Gym (Head-Ibraimova N.)
  • Virtual Laboratory of Microbiology (Head – Yusupova Ch.)
  • The Cabinet of Human Anatomy and Physiology (Head – Osmonalieva M., Botobaeva U.)