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Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Economics

Dean of the Faculty, Doctor of Economics, Acting professors

Askarova By Kanybekov

Adress:720909, Kyrgyz Republic, and – Jalal-Abad, Manas Street, Building 6 – ATP

Phone:(+996 37 22) 5 18 46

E-mail:[email protected]

The history of the creation of the Faculty of Economics as a separate structure of the University begins on May 22, 2000 by order No. 188 on the basis of the departments of Accounting and Audit, Finance and Credit, and Economic Theory. The founders of the faculty are Ph.D., associate professor Alykulov Zholboldu Nyshanbaevich, senior teacher Kamil Maxytov, candidate of economical sciences, associate professor Turdubekov Begijon Madaminovich. The first dean of the faculty, Ph.D., associate professor Zhooshbaev Bekmamat Turgunbaevich.

Since the beginning of its creation, the faculty has undergone a lot of transformations. Currently, in 2015, the Faculty of Economics and Law was established.

The Faculty of Economics and Law is a dynamically developing educational structure for the training of highly qualified economic and legal personnel who are able to make a theoretical and practical contribution to the social and economic development of the republic, focused on global competition.

Kod KRNameQualification (degree)Training period
580100Economy, profile “Finance and credit”Bachelor’s degree4
580100Economics, profile “Accounting, analysis and audit”Bachelor’s degree4
580100Economy, profile “Tax and taxation”Bachelor’s degree4
580100Economy, profile “Economics and management of the enterprise”Bachelor’s degree4
580100Economy, profile “Real Estate Economics”Bachelor’s degree4
580500Business informaticsBachelor’s degree4
530500JurisprudenceBachelor’s degree4
532300Chinese Studies, International Law ProfileBachelor’s degree4
600200TourismBachelor’s degree4

Students at the end of the university receive state diplomas of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The faculty has 5 departments:

  1. “Finance and Credit”;
  2. “Economics and Accounting”;
  3. “Civil Law and Advocacy”;
  4. “Criminal disciplines”;
  5. “The history of the theory of state and law.”

Material and technical base

The material and technical faculty consists of 10 educational and scientific laboratories, providing students with in-depth study of economic and legal disciplines, as well as their performance under the guidance of scientists of the faculty of research works.


The teaching staff includes 51 teachers, of whom 26 are full-time teachers, 25 part-time workers. They have academic degrees of doctor 5 and a candidate of science 18 teachers.

The faculty is taught by leading scientists and teachers of the Kyrgyz Republic. Among them there are 8 excellent students of education of the Kyrgyz Republic, Honored Worker of Accounting of the Kyrgyz Republic, Excellence in Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic, 3 Honorary Citizens of Jalal-Abad, 2 nominees of the Akyl-Tirek Award.

Research activities

The faculty has a scientific school in the specialty 08.00.05 “Economics and Management of the National Economy”, heads Zulpukarov Amankul, Doctor of Economics, Professor; Askarova A.K. Doctor of Economics, prof .; Karbekova A.B. Ph.D., associate professor.

In 2017, on January 27, defended Emil Nazimidinovich Tolonov’s thesis on the topic “Development of tourism business, its state support and regulation” was defended (on the example of Jalal-Abad oblast).

B 2019 – Recieves 31 sostoyalas zashita kandidatskoy dissertation Nurlisa Kanıbekoviça ‘constitutional and legal status of the parliamentary faction of the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic “, along spetsialnosti 12.00.02.-konstitutsiannoe law;munitsipalnoe right.

The faculty conducts research, the amount of funding for 2016 is 387,300 thousand somn topic “Comprehensive analysis of the economy of Jalal-Abad region and the development of practical recommendations” (Zulpukarov A., Karbekova A., Umetov S.

15 monographs, more than 100 scientific articles in refereed publications, 25 textbooks and teaching aids, including those with the signature of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, have been published. 15 works have certificates of state registration of copyright.

Faculty members took part in 55 conferences at various levels, including international. Students are also involved in scientific work. Students in the performance of coursework and dissertations using the latest information technology.

The faculty is conducted and supported the olympiad movement

Student Olympiad in the disciplines of “Economics” for economic and non-economic specialties, “Finance, money circulation and credit”, “Accounting, analysis and audit”, “Jurisprudence” is held annually. Faculty students take part in regional competitions and are winners.

The international cooperation

The faculty maintains scientific and educational ties with leading universities:

  1. Kazakh National Pedagogical University. Abaya;
  2. Bashkir State University;
  3. International Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk State University;
  4. Boston State University;
  5. Voronezh Economics and Law Institute;
  6. Kharkiv State University;
  7. Samara State University;

Connections within the country

  1. English National University named. J. Balasaghun;
  2. Kyrgyz Economic University;
  3. Osh State University;
  4. Naryn State University;
  5. OskskiiTechnological University;
  6. University of Economics and Entrepreneurship;
  7. Osh Social University;
  8. Batken State University
  9. Bishkek University of Humanities
  10. Osh State Law Institute.
  11. National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  12. Kyrgyz State Law Academy under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic


The faculty has 223 students. During its existence, the faculty has prepared more than 2 thousand graduates of educational standards of the Kyrgyz Republic. Their demand in the production, administrative, educational and cultural spheres of Kyrgyzstan and beyond indicates a high level of training of young professionals. Student practice takes place in the most prestigious institutions, organizations and enterprises of the Kyrgyz Republic.