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Faculty of Pedagogy and Information Technology

Dean of the Faculty, Candidate of Philosophy, Professor

Shamshiev Rasul Keŋeşoviç

Adress: Jalalabad city, Lenin street, 57
Phone: 0772 34 20 05
E-mail: [email protected]

The Faculty of Pedagogy and Information Technologies is based on the basis of two faculties: the Faculty of Pedagogy and the Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies. The faculty “Pedagogy” has a 90-year history. On the basis of the order of the rector No. 163/1 dated May 14, 1993 and by the decision of the academic council of the ZhASU, the Engineering and Pedagogical Faculty was founded by one of the first faculties in the JASU structure on the basis of the Pushkin Jalal-Abad Pedagogical School known among the Union republics . The dean of the faculty was appointed Ph.D., associate professor, scientist E. Umetov who made a great contribution to the education and formation of the university.

At the Faculty of Engineering and Pedagogy, under the direction of Doctor of Technical Sciences, a member of the National Academy of Sciences, Professor Bekbolotov Tursunbek Bekbolotovich, the Department of Computer Science and Computing Technology was established, and students with a degree in computer science and programming were established.

Due to the lack of highly qualified, experienced specialists, Ph.D., associate professor Usenov Keneshbek Zhumabekovich was invited from Bishkek and was appointed head of the department.

Given the lack of specialists in the region, the material and technical base and qualification of personnel by the decision of the academic council and the order of the rector No. 117 of January 24, 2002. The faculty “New Information Technologies” was formed. The dean of the faculty was appointed doctor of technical sciences, professor Usenov Keneshbek Zhumabekovich.

Wireless Internet (WI-FI) is arranged in the building and students can use the conditions of the Internet at any time. Free and unlimited.

In 2013, on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council of the ZhASU 10.06.2013. and by order No. 55, the faculties of Pedagogy and Information and Communication Technologies were merged, and due to the disbandment of the Jalal-Abad branch of the Kyrgyz State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports, the faculty was reorganized into Pedagogy and Information Technologies, and the dean of the faculty was appointed – economic sciences, professor Amankulova Talchakan Kayypzhanovna. In May 2016, a competition was announced for the position of dean of the faculty, and on the choice of the teaching staff by majority of votes, Zayrbek Zholchuyevich Raev was elected dean.

In January 2017 due to the not timely demise of Raev Zamirbek Zholchievich on the basis of the order of the Rector No. 1/22 dated January 24, 2017. Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Shamshiev Rasul Keeshovich was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Information Technologies.

Currently, the faculty trains competent specialists in the following specialties: “Physics”, “Mathematics”, “Computer Science”, “Automated Information Processing Systems and Management”, “Philosophy and Humanities”, “History”, “Physical Culture”, “ theory and methodology of primary education social pedagogy. “