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Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science

Dean of the Faculty, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Shamiev James Bakirovich

Adress:715600, Kyrgyz Republic – The body, Jalal-Abad, ul.Manas 60, ATP, dean ETF

Phone:(996 779) 26 67 17

E-mail:[email protected]

Naturally – the technical faculty was opened in 1995. The first dean of the faculty from 1995 to 1999 was the Honored Education Worker of the Kyrgyz Republic U. Murzakulov.

The educational activity of the faculty is aimed at training highly qualified personnel in the field of “Natural Science Education” in the fields of biology, geography, ecology and environmental management, forestry and landscape construction, chemistry;veterinary medicine, traffic organization and safety, highways and airfields, protection in emergency situations, electric power systems and networks, power supply.

Information on training is presented in the table below:

Kod KRNameQualification (degree)Training period
550100GeographyBachelor’s degree4 years5 years
520800Ecology and nature managementBachelor’s degree4 years5 years
730100Forestry and landscape construction    Bachelor’s degree4 years5 years
550100BiologyBachelor’s degree4 years5 years
550100ChemistryBachelor’s degree4 years5 years
610001Veterinary medicineBachelor’s degree4 years
670300Traffic organization and safetyBachelor’s degree4 years5 years
750500Highways and airfieldsBachelor’s degree4 years5 years
760030Emergency ProtectionBachelor’s degree4 years5 years
640200Electric power systems and networksBachelor’s degree4 years5 years
640200Power supplyBachelor’s degree4 years5 years

Students at the end of the university receive state diplomas of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The faculty has 8 departments.

  • Department of Biology;
  • Department of Chemistry;
  • Department of Geography;
  • Department of Veterinary Medicine;
  • Department of power supply;
  • Department of Energy Sources, Electric Power Systems and Mechanics;
  • Department of Emergency and Motor Transport;
  • Department of Physical Education;

Material and technical base

The material and technical base of the faculty consists of 54 educational and research laboratories providing students with in-depth study of technical disciplines, as well as carrying out fundamental and applied research projects under the guidance of the faculty scientists.


The teaching staff includes 69 teachers, of whom 56 are full-time teachers, 13 are part-timers. Of these, doctors of science, 5, candidates of science, 15.

The faculty is taught by leading scientists and teachers of the Kyrgyz Republic. Among them are laureates of the State Prizes of the Kyrgyz Republic, honored educators and scientists of the Kyrgyz Republic, inventors.

Research activities

The faculty has 14 scientific directions:

Research areas:

  • The use of new learning technologies
  • Synthesis of biologically active substances
  • Obtaining complex compounds
  • Epizootology fasciollosis of sheep and other ruminants in the conditions of Jalal-Abad region.
  • Application of effective measures and forecasting of exodynamic processes located at different altitudinal geomorphological zones of the mountain system of the south-western Tien Shan
  •  Study of changes in exposure to ultraviolet rays in the seasons of the year in the city of Jalal-Abad.
  • applied mechanics
  • Transport
  • Traffic organization and safety
  • Environmental issues in road transport
  • Modern technologies of transport processes
  • Transport logistics
  • VAT assessment of the slopes of reservoirs, dams hydraulic structures.
  • Assessment of the prospects for the hydropower potential of the small rivers of the republic and the study of the possibility of their use for the generation of electric energy.
  • Biology and ecology
  • Plant resources
  • Genetics and Selection
  • Crop production
  • Grassland
  • Flora and fauna of southern Kyrgyzstan

The faculty conducts research

In the project’s boundaries:

  1. “The study of the damaged ecosystem of biological diversity, soil and water regime under the influence of the development of polymetallic ores of the Terek-Say group of the Chatkal ridge by various technological methods;”
  2. Development of scientific and practical recommendations for the optimization of logistics centers and the improvement of transport tourism.
  3. – The Foundation for Supporting Educational Initiatives “Developing Critical Thinking Through a Reading and Writing Program”;
  4. USAID Quality Education Program;
  5. The UNICEF School of Leaders Program, Creating a Favorable Environment in Emergencies, Welcome to School;
  6. ADB program “Developing a National Curriculum”;
  7. Child Protection Foundation “Program for Inclusive Education”;
  8. International Organization IFES;
  9. Aghahan Foundation – Civic Education
  10. The effect of ecofactors on medicinal plants, the study of genetic and biological features of dairy-type goats and the use of medicinal plants of sheep and goat fascioliasis in the conditions of the Jalal-Abad region.
  11. Ecological studies of insects, species composition of plant communities, the role of natural conditions in the formation of the fauna and flora of the Padyshatinsky State Reserve.
  12. Bioecological features of the biodiversity of Jalal – Abad region and its protection

For 2016 it was published: 

35 scientific articles in refereed journals, 12 textbooks and teaching aids, 1 of them with the signature of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, 1 patent registered. 
Faculty members took part in 18 conferences at various levels, 2 conferences were organized at the university, including the international level. Students are also involved in scientific work. Students in the performance of term papers and theses use compulsory computing equipment. Many works are fundamental and applied. More than half of the diploma works of students of the faculty have a practical orientation and are made on the orders of enterprises and public institutions.

The faculty conducts and supports the olympiad movement.
Every year, students participate and are winners in international, regional and republican olympiads in mathematics, biology, computer science, etc.

With the cooperation of the faculty

The faculty on the basis of the concluded contracts cooperates with the following organizations:

Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, NAS KR

  1. Institute of Chemistry. Bekturov A.A. RK Almaty
  2. Kazak National University named after Al-Farabi RK, Almaty.
  3. Kazak National Pedagogical University named after Abay RK, Almaty.
  4. Institute of Organic Chemistry named after N. D. Zelinsky RAS,  Moscow
  5. English national university named. Kyrgyz national University named. GPP.
  6. Kyrgyz State University. I. Arabaev KR. Bishkek.
  7. Kyrgyz-Turkish University “Manas” KR. Bishkek.
  8. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy . I.K. Akhunbaeva.
  9. Kyrgyz Technical University. I. Razzakova  KR. Bishkek.
  10. Kyrgyz Mining – Metallurgical Institute named after U. Asanaliev. KR Bishkek.
  11. Osh State University, KR, Osh.
  12. Osh State Social University of the Kyrgyz Republic Osh.
  13. Osh Technological University. M. Adyshev KR Osh.
  14. Aryn State University named after S. Naamatov. KR, Naryn
  15. Issyk – Kul osudarstvennıy University Bald Kasym, KTM Karakol
  16. Novosibirsk State University
  17. Kazak-British Technical University
  18. South Ural State University
  19. Tashkent State University
  20. Forest Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic
  21. Institute of Biology, NAS KR (Bishkek)
  23.  BUU (Bishkek City)
  24.  Institute of Walnut and fruit crops (city of Jalal-Abad),
  25.  BREAD (g),
  26.  Univer. Hoenheim (Germany),
  27.  BOKU (Austria)
  28. CEU Hungary, Budapest. 


The faculty has 664 students, 237 of them on a budgetary basis. During its existence, the faculty has trained more than 2 thousand graduates of educational standards of the Kyrgyz Republic. Their demand in the workplace, in administrative, educational and cultural spheres of Kyrgyzstan and beyond, indicates a high level of training of young professionals. Student practice takes place in the most prestigious institutions, organizations and enterprises of the Kyrgyz Republic.