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Indonesian Ambassador visits Jalalabat State University

Indonesian Ambassador visits Jalalabat State University

Indonesian Ambassador visits Jalalabat State University


Exploring the Cooperation with Universities in Osh and Jalalabad

Jalalabat State University

Indonesian Ambassador for Kyrgyzstan H.E. Mohamad Asruchin met each with the Rector of Osh State University Mr. Kanybek Isakov and the rector of Jalalabad State University Mr Akunjan Abdrasehev to cooperation in education between RI-Kyrgyzstan.

Mr. Kanybek Isakov stated that Osh State University has more than 30 thousand students from various areas both within and outside Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan as well to make it as the biggest university in Kyrgyzstan, as population in the southern region of Kyrgyzstan constitutes for more than 50% of the Kyrgyzstan’s entire population. Osh State University has applied 4 basic principles in the implementation of instructional activities that are Integration, Innovation, Investment and Intellectuality. Osh State University budget of U.S. $ 500 million earned from its own management added by 5% by assistance from the Kyrgyz Central Government.

Administration and management in the education system is conducted on on-line and transparent system so that all activities including student assessment are open to all that it lured and attracted many parties’ willingness to establish cooperation with the University including among others, China, Turkey, the U.S. and Germany. In this regard, the Osh State University also offered to cooperate with universities in Indonesia. Mr. Isakov promised to support the cooperation with Indonesia. During the meeting, Ambassador Asruchin also briefed on Darmasiswa scholarship program for foreign students to learn the Indonesian language and culture in Indonesia.

Meeting with Jalalabad State University rector, Mr. Akunjan Abdrasehev discussed much on the situation and conditions in Jalalabad including the University which is commemorating its 20th anniversary. Mr Abdrashaev Jalalabad State University confirmed that the cooperation opportunities are open to various parties including that of Indonesia. Given the his background as professor in Political Science, Ambassador suggested that the rector spare his time to give lectures on the development of the Kyrgyzstan political situation in courses in Indonesia, including that of the Diplomatic Academy in the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.