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Jalal-Abad College

Jalal-Abad College

Jalal-Abad College

Director Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor

Turdubaeva Maylıevna ​​Bar

Adress:d Jalal-Abad, y. Wait 16

Phone:0772 453 696, 0554453696

E-mail:[email protected]

A brief history of Jacques

Jalal-Abad College began its activities since 2003 in the status of industrial-pedagogical college at Zhagu. (license AL number 367 from 2004 reg number 1-165)

Industrial Pedagogical College prepared students in two specialties

(primary school teacher and accountant economist).

According to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic number 487/1 of 07.08.2008, the Jalal-Abad Industrial Pedagogical College was transformed into the Jalal-Abad College at Zhagu.  

Jalal-Abad College (JAC) was established and operates at Jalal-Abad State University. The founder is ZHAGU. The founder’s powers are exercised by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic. JAK is a state non-profit educational organization of secondary vocational education.

The first director until December 2003 was the senior teacher of the department “Philosophy and Humanities”  Eshkozhoyev Topchaly Ibraimovich

Since January 2004, Klara Temirkulova , Senior Lecturer at the Department of Physics, has been  heading.

From May 2004 to May 2011, she was headed by the “ outstanding public education student” senior teacherMatanbaeva Zymyrat Erkulovna , and made a huge contribution to the development and expansion of the college contingent.

From May 17, 2011, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor Adysheva Azizbu Adyshevna was appointed Director, and worked successfully until September 2013.

From 2013 to today, he is headed by Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Turdubaeva Baris Mailevna.

Mission Jacques:

Preparation of competitive, competent, actively participating in public processes of the republic and the region, striving for leadership, personnel with high quality of secondary specialized education.

Studying proccess

Jalal-Abad College strives to create wide opportunities for modern education, creates and implements educational programs, improves new technologies, developing and introducing computer technologies and AVN programs in the educational process.

The main task of the educational process of the college at the present stage is to train specialists who are capable of reacting in a non-standard, flexible and timely manner to the changes that are occurring in the world. Therefore, to prepare students for professional activities at the university and college, various innovative teaching methods are used.

The main objectives of the college:

  • Development of a quality management system for education.
  • The introduction of practice-oriented forms of education.   
  • Improving the automated learning management system.
  • Advanced training of the teaching staff of the college.
  • The organization of scientific work of teachers and students.
  • Ensuring the full development of students.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of educational activities of the college.
  • Implementation of the plan for the recruitment and employment of graduates.
  • Improving the material and technical base.
  • Expansion of the network of social partners.
  • Formation of a positive image of the college in the professional field

 We define the following core values for college development:

  • Professional values ​​- competitiveness, professionalism, competence, responsibility, interest in the profession.
  • Personal values ​​- individuality, uniqueness and originality, freedom, creativity, morality, social activity.
  • Our team works on the principles of mutual respect and support of each other.
  • Each teacher’s original creative ideas are valuable.
  • Transition from the learning process of the knowledge-based approach to the competence-based approach
  • Mobility teachers
  • There are national trainers in the team.
  • The instructors are the mentors of the students.
  • The teaching staff works creatively with enthusiasm

Currently, the college provides training in the following specialties:

№ Specialty codeSpecialty nameQualificationDuration of study based on secondary educationDuration of study based on basic educationForm of education (full-time, part-time)
1111201 Veterinary medicineVeterinary Medical Assistant1 year 10 months2 years 10 months 
2030505JurisprudenceLawyer1year 10 months2 years 10 months2 years 6 months
3050720Physical educationPhysical education teacher1 year 10 months2 years 10 months2 years 6 months
4080108BankingBanking Specialist1 year 10 months2 years 10 months2 years 6 months
5080110Economics and AccountingAccountant1 year 10 months2 years 10 months2 years 6 months
6080106Finance (by industry)Financier1 year 10 months2 years 10 months2 years 6 months
7080107Taxes and taxationTax Specialist1 year 10 months2 years 10 months2 years 6 months
8040101Social workSocial worker1 year 10 months2 years 10 months2 years 6 months
9050709Teaching in primary schoolPrimary school teacher1 year 10 months2 years 10 months2 years 6 months
10050704Preschool educationTeacher preschool uch.establishments1 year 10 months2 years 10 months2 years 6 months
11190605Car maintenance and repairТехник1 year 10 months2 years 10 months2 years 6 months
12220206Automated systems and information processing (by industry)Техник1 year 10 months2 years 10 months2 years 6 months
13140212 Power supplyТехник1 year 10 months2 years 10 months2 years 6 months
14260903Design and modeling of garmentsDesigner-designer1 year 10 months2 years 10 months2 years 6 months
15050503TechnologyTeacher technology1 year 10 months2 years 10 months 
16280105Protectionin emergency situationsТехник1 year 10 months2 years 10 months 
17250202Forestry and forest park economyForest and Forestry Specialist1 year 10 months2 years 10 months 
18140026Power stations, networks and systemstechnique1 year 10 months2 years 10 months 
19260905Sewing technologyTechnician technician1 year 10 months2 years 10 months 
 Post titleEd FinanceF.I.O
1Director1,00budgetTurdubaeva B
2Deputy Director for Academic Affairs1,00budgetYtambaev AM
3Deputy Director of Statelanguage and educational work1,00BudgetNazarov J.
4Head of Manufacturing Practice1,00budgetMambetova M
5  Head of Physical Education1,00budgetRazakov M
6Military leader1,00budgetJunusbaev Yi
7Head of Department1,00budgetSalibaeva K
8Head of Department1,00budgetNarınbetov T
9Head of Department1,00budgetOrozova M
10Head of Department1,00budgetJumabaeva D
11Head of Department1,00budgetUmarov A.
12Head of Department1,00budgetAbdraşitova H
13Head of Department1,00budgetTalipov D
14Industrial Training Master1,00budgetLevel B.
15Engineer1,00budgetA. y K
16Software Engineer1,00the contractMalashev G.
17Clerk1,00budgetKany M.
18Laboratory assistant1,00budgetRaeva G.
19Laboratory assistant1,00budgetE Kambaralieva
20Laboratory assistant1,00the contractAbdykadyrova
21Laboratory assistant1,00the contractAidarbekova A.
22Laboratory assistant1,00the contractAlimzhan Nuria
23Laboratory assistant1,00the contractZamirbekova E.
24Laboratory assistant1,00the contractToktogulova K
25Dispatcher1,0the contractMaksatbek K
26Inspector of methodical work1,0budgetTashmatovna.

For the implementation of educational processes in college, there are 7 departments:

  1. Department “Techniques and Information Processing”
  2. Department of “Pedagogy”
  3. Department “Pre-school and technology education”
  4. Department of “Economics and Taxation”
  5. Department of Law and Social Work
  6. Department of Finance and Banking
  7. Department “Modeling, designing garments and natural sciences”

Faculty of Jalal-Abad College

The college has 230 teachers, including 201 full-time, 29 part-time workers.

Also 1 associate professor (c.n.), 12 masters, the rest teachers.

Jalal-Abad College systematically organizes professional development courses for faculty members.

In order to improve the skills of teachers in the field, seminars and trainings on various topics are organized. Seminars are conducted by the college coaches. The college employs 10 national and 2 international coaches. They work in various international educational programs. Seminars, trainings are also organized in order to study the best practices among teachers of mentors.

Every year among the colleges of ZHAGU a competition “Best teacher” is organized. Every year, teachers of our college take 1st or 2nd place. 

Student Information

To date, more than 3,000 students are trained and educated at Jalal-Abad College. The number of students is increasing every year and the regional scale of students is expanding. For training students from distant regions and those in need, proverbs are provided. Students participate in various sports, extracurricular events and subject Olympiads. Students of our college 4 years in a row ranked first in the Republican Olympics among colleges. And in regional competitions constantly occupy 1 place.

College activity

For the period from 2015-2017, more than 32 scientific articles were published

Scientific circles .

1. “Plentiful Treasury rukovoditel Aidarova B.”

2. Circle “1 C Accounting”, the head – Akmatalieva S.

3. Circle “Altyn Kapchik”, head – Kadyrova E.

4. “Macrame” head Aldosova B.

5. “Children’s Song” rukovoditel Orunbaev K.

6. “Copper” small rukovoditel J. M.

International communication

Jalal-Abad College works closely with all secondary specialized vocational schools of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Between SPUZs there is an exchange of experiences of teachers and students, which contributes to the active development of the creative potential of the college.

ZHAK at ZhASU works with various international projects;

Information about work experience as trainers for college teachers:        

Turdubaeva BM Mamatumarov A., S., UK Mambetova M, Salibaeva K., Arzymatova, N. V., Mamatkulova Taştanova A., M., K., A. Moldomusaeva Nurmatova Matkasymov, Karabekova CT, Interwiews N.,

OrganizationThemeA placeDate / Year
Flexible“Developing critical thinking through reading and writing”KTM Jalal Abad2009-2012
Development Fund “Ala-Too”“Personallyoriented learning »KTM Jalal Abad2010-2011
 USAID Quality Learning ‘ Advanced training course for teachersKTM Osh, OİUUJuly-August 2009
International organization “Save the Children”Inclusive Education CourseSuzak district2009-2010
UNICEF, DFID,Flexible“Creating a favorable social and psychological environment in schools”KTM Nookatskiy, an area of ​​the district, Rostov-on-Kuljinnskiy 2010-2011
USAID Quality Learning ‘“Planning skills practice-oriented learning in universities”ZHAGU2011
UNICEFwelcome to schoolIn schools of Jalal-Abad2011
READPrimary school student assessmentIn schools Jalal-Abad2013
USAIDWe read togetherIn schools Jalal-Abad2014-2015
МииНКРPreparing children for school (480 hours)Babe ”In schools Jalal-Abad2015-2016
МииНКРStandards new generation (grades 1-4)In schools Jalal-Abad2016-2017
USAIDTime to readIn schools of Jalal-Abad region2017-2018
APAStandards new generation (6-11 cells)In schools of Jalal-Abad region2017-2018

Students practice :  

College students have internships in many organizations, public institutions, schools, as well as in private enterprises of the city of Jalal-Abad and Jalal-Abad region. Jalal-Abad College uses the advanced experience of these enterprises for high-quality professional training of mid-level specialists. Practical agreements have been drawn up with basic organizations. During the period of practical training, three conferences are organized (pre-practice, reflection, reporting). According to the results of the practice, a contest “Best trainee” is organized among student trainees.

Work with donors

  • READ- “Assessment to improve the quality of knowledge” – books for 57 000 soms.
  • Nariste (480 hours) “Global Partnership in Education” – books for 47,000 soms
  • GIZ German Partnership Project – € 3,500 for the creation of a workshop on the specialty “Teacher of Technology”
  • 2,000 euros for the creation of a laboratory in natural science disciplines.
  • The project on multilingual – 1kabinet, 1 center.
  • GIZ German partnership project – books and manuals for the specialty “Primary school teacher” for 190,000 soms.
  • According to the ADB program:
  • Purchased 2 portable projector.
  •  Repaired 11 rooms and 2 floor corridor in the amount of 3.321112 soms
  • Acquired for $ 9,000 computer class. (Interactive whiteboard, projector)
  • Furniture purchased in the amount of 254308 thousand soms
  • Acquired educational books in the amount of 256421 soms
  • Laboratory equipment 760257 som
  • Computer class 25 PCs with a program Grace CAD and plotter 1.736384 soms
  • Laboratory equipment worth 13 million soms is expected for the chosen specialties.

According to the results of the competition for the selection of educational institutions of secondary vocational education to support the Sector Development Program: Skills for inclusive growth with the support of ADB from 2018 to 2023. Based on the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic of March 12, 2018, No. 271/1, the following SPUZs were approved

  1. as Centers of Excellence:
  • Bishkek College of Architecture and Management in Construction, Bishkek;
  • Jalal-Abadskiy college LeasePlan, g.Jalal-Abad;
  • Gorno technical-college named. T. Kulatova g.Kızıl Kia;
  • Agroindustrial College KNAU im.K.Skryabina, Tokmok;
  • Other Agroekonomiçeskiy college NSU im.S.Naamatova Naryn


All students of Zhak use the opportunities provided by them in college. Dozens of various circles and clubs of interest have been created and successfully operate here. Sports halls, electronic libraries, INTERNET clubs, entertainment centers, music and dance groups, amateur art centers, creative clubs are just a few of such groups, among which everyone can find something corresponding to his interests. These classes help young people to improve, develop, make students’ leisure time diverse and interesting.

More often cultural life attracts elementary students. Every year the KVN team of our college is gaining new talents and actively participates in all cultural events of the college, university and city.

Thanks to the sports sections and the talent of the students and teachers, the JACK team has been ranked first in the Republican Games among SPUZs for the third year in a row

A special position among young people is occupied by all sorts of contests among college departments. Every year, teachers and students in all competitions occupy prizes held among the faculties and colleges of Jalal-Abad University (“Yr Kesa”, “Sarmerden”, “Kosh zhyldyz”, “Miss ZHAGU”, “Miss City”, “Mykty Myrza” , “Tama Show”, etc.). Student Olympiads among colleges at Zhagu and Zhak are regularly held in first place.

As practice shows, the leisure of JACLE students is diverse. The choice depends on the interests and needs of our students.

11. The material and technical base of JAC at ZhASU:

  • JACQUES has 52 cabinets. In each of them carried renovation
  • Fully equipped and operating 25 laboratories
  • The sports ground has been updated and equipped with sports equipment.
  • A repair shop for passenger cars for the specialty MROAT has been built.
  • 24 sewing machines and one Mella embroidery machine, automated system (CAD) (DAS) “Gracia”, plotter and portable projector ACER X13-3 pieces purchased
  • A workshop on technology was acquired.
  • The college has five computer classes, 2 interactive whiteboards, 25 projectors, 45 personal computers.
  • There is video surveillance of all classrooms and corridors.

   Materialdik techniklyk base (new equipment purchased)