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Academic Council


Scientific Secretary, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Nusupova Roza Sarypbekovna

Address: Kyrgyz Republic 715600, Jalal-Abad, ul. Lenin – 57

Telephone: +996 (3722) 5 16 13

E_mail: [email protected]


The Academic Council is the highest elected representative body responsible for the general management of JASU. The purpose of the work of the Academic Council is to determine the current and future activities of the university, to unite the efforts of the university management, scientific and pedagogical workers, educational support staff to train specialists, to coordinate the educational, educational and methodical, research and educational activities of the university.

The composition and order of formation of the Academic Council, its powers, leadership of the Academic Council, the rights and obligations of its members, the organization of the work of the Council and the order of meetings are determined by the “Regulations on the Academic Council of ZhASU”, “Regulations of the Academic Council of ZhASU”

The main tasks of the Academic Council

  •   determining the structure of the university, making changes;
    making decisions on the opening of new areas of training specialists in basic and additional vocational education programs;
  • approval of educational programs and curricula;
  • approval of the main provisions governing academic, scientific and educational work at the university;
  • determination of the procedure and organization of elections for the rector, deans and heads of departments;
  • consideration of the assignment of academic titles and the filling of posts of scientific and pedagogical workers;
  • approval of annual estimates, income and expenses of the university, hearing reports on their performance;
  • definition of a business development strategy, distribution of extra-budgetary and other funds for production and social needs of the university;
  • solving issues of international and inter-university cooperation;
    assignment of honorary titles ZHAGU.


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