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American Palace

American Palace Resource Center
Murzaliev Manas

Lenin, address: Jalal-Abad city. K.- 57

Phone: +996 (3722) 2 18 63

Website: http: // jagu.kg

E_mail: [email protected]


Objectives of American history and action

‘Palace’ Resource Center Embassy of the United States of America and Jalal-Abad on the basis of the memorandum of cooperation between the State University was opened in March 2003.

The US ambassador to the center, all the necessary technical means, and this has provided us with the reading of books. In particular, the US Embassy American Chamber from 2008 until 2017 in the amount of more than $ 100, 000 grant support.

This center is one of the main goals of strong students and faculty, as well as the condition of the people of the city of Jalal-Abad modern education to promote and facilitate learning the English language. Each month, more than 3,000 students, and students and teachers use the Resource Center for training and technical resources.


American Palace Resource borborunundagı Resources

From the American Palace opened in the city of Jalal-Abad, universities and other educational institutions has become a resource center for students of the English language learner. Because of the resource center, more than 2000 books of different genres, English grammar, anglisçe- Kyrgyz, Russian dictionaries, American history, literature, economics, there are many textbooks. Learning the English language, there are more than 200 audio and video materials, and electronic books.

American Pit 25 is connected to a computer with internet and WI-FI. Students and teachers can use the Internet for free.

News “Euronews”, “CNN” in the English language TV programs, “National Geographic” and other science subjects, as can be seen in more than 200 movies anglistindegi.

This resource center, different teachers and students held conferences, seminars, training sessions, and On-line. Today, philological faculty of English language teaching methodology and Jalal-Abad College professors are involved in an international webinar.


Resource Center for the English-language örkündötüüçülör presentations and information about the courses.

At present, the United States Peace Corps Volunteers organize the following courses of English language: «TOEFL», «Movie club», «Writing club», «Talking club».

Students and teacher presentations on programs in the United States for training, exchange of experience and training. Every year, the US Embassy staff and students for the Global UGRAD program for teachers, and the Fullbright Research Fellowship, Fullbright Teaching Assistant Program, and hold trainings for the Humphrey Fellowship program.

Those who want to study abroad, English language tests: TOFEL (with audiokasetalar), GRE, GMAT, LSAT, SAT and IELTS can be done using the practice.

A resource center as well as a method of teaching the English language textbooks, and each month with the “Forum” magazine, which will be maintained.