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Editorial and Publishing Department

Head of Department: ZupanovSydykAmirayevich

Address: Jalal-Abad, 715600, Kyrgyz Republic Lenina 57, Editorial and Publishing Department

Phone: (996-3722) 5-51-72

E_mail: [email protected]


In 1996, the printing house of Jalal-Abad State University was founded as part of the Center for Information Technologies.

In 2000, the company was transformed into a separate subdivision of the Printing House LAD.

The year 2016 was renamed the Editorial and Publishing Department.

The issue of the journal Vestnik ZhASU has been carried out since 1998.

The 2008-year issue of Bulletin Zhagu is carried out twice a year.

Science and Student magazine (Ilim Jean student) has been published since 2014. The journal is issued once a year.

The main tasks of RIO are: the organization and implementation of editorial and publishing activities of the university, the publication of educational, educational and methodical literature that meets the requirements of the state educational standard, as well as the publication of scientific reference and other types of literature in the interests of the educational process and research works. The issue of books and magazines in paperbacks, as well as blanks.


Department staff

Zupanov Sydyk Amiraevich– Head of Department

Suleimanova Gulen Kantoroevna – Methodist




In the design of the printed version of the article of the Journal Vestnik ZHAGU be guided by the following main provisions:

The paper size is A4 (width -210 mm; height -297 mm). A page of at least 5 pages, UDC is written on the upper left edge of the pages, the title of the article is written on the next line with a large letter. The authors write on the next line (with one indentation), the city, state, e_mail is written on the next line (with one indent). The next line contains the abstract in three languages ​​(Kyrgyz, Russian, English).

Page Setup: the top margin of the page is -2.2 cm. The left margin of the page is -2.2 cm. The lower margin of the page is -2.2 cm. The right margin of the page is -2.2 cm.

Journal Vestnik ZHAGU is formatted in TimesNewRoman, size –12 and interval -1.

Drawings, diagrams, graphics, drawings should be prepared on a PC in Windows in black and white.

Design drawing is carried out on PowerPoint 2007.

Registration of captions to the drawings.

Signatures to the pictures are placed under the image itself. The signature is given in TimesNewRoman font (font size -12). The word “Fig.” And the serial number of the picture are in italics. The name of the picture itself is given in the same font, but not bold. All figure captions are single spaced and not centered.

Lists of used literature is made out according to GOST