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History of Jalal-Abad State University

Jalal-Abad State University was opened by Decree of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic of April 2, 1993 as a state educational institution, designed to provide training for specialists with basic and complete higher education in areas such as electronics, energy, construction, education, as well as specialists for the agro-industrial complex.

The university was established on the basis of the Kara-Kul and Tash-Kumyr evening faculties of the Kyrgyz Technical University (formerly FPI), the Jalal-Abad zooveterinary college, the Jalal-Abad pedagogical college, the Mailu-Suu electromechanical technical school and the Kochkor-Ata technical college of electronic devices.

Jalal-Abad Pedagogical School was established in 1926. as a pedagogical college. This is the first and largest pedagogical educational institution in our country for the time of its existence more than 31 thousand specialists graduated (1926-1993). Its graduates are Hussein Karasaev, Gapar Aitiev, A. Ismailov, Sabyrbek Akylbekov, Zhomart Bokonbaev, Zhunai Mavlyanov, Tumenbay Baizakov, Nurgazy Brimkulov, Temirkul Umetaliyev, Tolon Shamshev, Rakhat Achylov, Mukhtar, Buchuk Ucheliev, Tekhirkul Umetaliyev, Tolon Shamshiev, Rakhat Achylov, Mukhtar, Buchu, Oshuchu Umetaliev figures of science, culture, literature and education of Kyrgyzstan.

In the 90s of the 20th century (before being transformed into ZHAGU) about 400 primary school teachers, preschool teachers, and physical education teachers trained annually. The school employed about 200 teachers, of whom 45 were excellent students of education and teachers of the highest category.

Many employees of the Jalal-Abad Pedagogical School after its closure in 1993 continued their career in ZHAGU and made a worthy contribution to the development of the university. (See about this in more detail in the translation of the book of memoirs N. Zhaylobaeva N. Zh. 2003). The pedagogical school itself became the basis for the creation of the engineering and pedagogical faculty of Zhagu.

Jalal-Abad Veterinary College was opened in 1947. and trained 7846 specialists for agriculture (1993). The training of specialists was carried out by 30 teachers, including 2 candidates of sciences: Manas Babakulov (now a doctor of veterinary sciences, works at the Ministry of Education and Science) and Keldibek Ismailov, currently working at the agrarian-biological faculty of ZhASU. The veterinarian technical school became the basis for the creation of the Agrarian Technological Faculty of ZhSU, which itself later became the basis for the creation of two faculties.

Kara-Kul evening faculty of the Kyrgyz Technical University was organized in 1963. with the aim of training specialists with higher education for enterprises of management “Naryngidroenergostroy” II Toktogul hydroelectric station. The faculty has prepared 3,5 thousand engineers: mechanics-power engineers-builders. His graduates work for him in design and construction organizations, the construction and operation of power plants, other energy enterprises both in our country and in other countries of the collapsed union of the USSR and abroad.

The faculty had more than 20 teachers, among them 3 candidates of technical sciences. The annual admission was 100 applicants. Of the 3 candidates of science who worked in the Kara-Kul evening faculty: Sooronbaev Manas – now works as a dean of the faculty of the Zhashiko Tash-Kumyr, Sartov Tashtan, who worked as a dean of the Kara-Kul faculty at the time of his creation, now works at the Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakov, BozhumbayevSarsen headed and heads the department department. It should be noted that this faculty most closely met the standards of higher education, had modern laboratories and classrooms built by the power engineers of the Toktogul hydroelectric station.

The Tash-Kumyr Evening Faculty of the Kyrgyz Technical University was the youngest faculty of the KTU. It was created by a translation in the Tash-Kumyr Mailuu-Suuysky training and consultation center in 1990. The faculty trained specialists in the fields of civil engineering, energy, chemical technology of electronic materials and products. The faculty of the faculty consisted of 14 people, among them 5 candidates of sciences and associate professors. The dean of the faculty at the time of creation of ZHAGU was Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor Izabekov A. Dzumagulov Sagynbek, director of the Tash-Kumyr semiconductor plant, worked part-time. Also Assistant Professor worked Kudaynazarov Ysmanaly Uzenovich, who after the organization of ZHAGU was transferred to the head of the training department, then worked as the director of Kochkor-Ata Technical College of ZHAGU. Karimov Abdykalyk worked as head of the department, then he was transferred as head of the department of mechanics in the city of Jalal-Abad. Nowadays he is a doctor of technical sciences and continues to work at ZhASU as director of the institute. Omurbekov Myktybek continues to work as an assistant professor in the department of physics at the faculty.

Mailuu-Suuya Electromechanical College was established in 1965. for training specialists with secondary vocational education