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Information about the department of industrial practice JAGU

“Practice” section is a separate section, and the activities of the law “On Education”, the process of Higher education institutions, walnuts charter and operates on the basis of the current situation.

The main objective of the “Practice” section: walnuts professionals to produce high-quality training programs and practices in a timely fashion, the result of the high level of organization, control and production.


1. Industry Applications Division goals:

1.1. The practice of all types of programs and to ensure the organization of educational process on the basis of the schedule, and track the progress.

1.2. Depending on the allocated hours normalization is the practice, the distribution of timely, complete and reliable performance, recording systematically checked.

1.3. Practice managers to select the correct execution of functional responsibilities and practices to improve the quality of supervision.

1.4. The production and the selection of heads of educational institutions practice, to work together with them, teaching them to organize joint activities and the timely direction to pay on the basis of the relevant documents.

1.5. Control agreements concluded with companies, institutions and schools.

1.6. The relevant provisions on the organization of practices and guidelines necessary to develop guidelines, manuals, documents, forms, and to ensure their right to control the filling.

1.7. To improve the quality of students’ learning and the establishment of production managers summarizing the organization of joint seminars, meetings and conferences focused on timely and relevant controls.

1.8. The Ministry of Education and the local education department, together with the pedagogical direction the distribution of job opportunities for graduate study, to participate in the work of the Commission.

1.9. Strong pedagogical sciences graduates were sent to school, and control the operation of the region to determine the demand for professionals in the coming years.

1.10. The preparation of the budget guidelines issued to graduates who have studied the distribution of time, entry and management.


2. Organization of the work of the Department of Industry Applications

2.1. Industry Applications Division of strong academic schedule, the relevant regulations and guidelines, and is organized by the order of rector.

2.2. The composition of the department’s staff and salaries in accordance with the proposal of the Rector, approved by the Rector.

Practice until 1993-2012 Ernazarov Tajik headed Nışanoviç.

Since September 2012, “Practice” section Kuvakov headed by Mr. Mamadalieviç. The inspector of the division of the Jaffna since March 2013, Ms. Manasbekovna work.