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Library Director Almaz Rosa Tajimırzaevna

Address: 720908, Kyrgyz Republic, Jalal-Abad., Lenin. 57

Phone: (03722) 2-39-37

Website: http: // jasulib. org.kg

E_mail: roza_kultaeva @ mail.ru

April 2, 1993, following the conclusion of the JSU, walnuts Centralized Library (GL).

12.06 walnuts 2000, a centralized library of walnuts Central Scientific Library, and since 01.02.2007 is known as the Library and Information Center.

In case of strong library of science, culture and education for the needs of information and library service is one of the effective methods, with the use of new information technologies by means of modern life is the most important information for all users of the university to allow the use of electronic and traditional forms of electronic library and information center.

Each year, in conjunction with the departments of the library foundation, based on the procedures established by the university administration, the state education standards established in accordance with a special thematic plan, the library’s annual estimate and a complete set of applications.

At the present time, and I wish my successor the general fund of the library of 726636 copies, the main part of the books. Space in the city of Jalal-Abad, the general fund – 639964 copies, which is the main part of the educational Publications 528961 copies, and 16706, complete with electronic resources.

More than 3585 copies of books a year, and may be purchased in various publications, and electronic resources. Of these, more than 1304 copies of magazines, books and other electronic publications and other informational resources shall be presented.

KMBda Azamat Altay (Kudaibergen Kojomberdieva) collections of valuable intellectual property, the fund is established, Azamat Altay Club organized the patent literature and documentation for the fund.

KMBda, Russian periodical publications annually, 96 titles of newspapers and magazines, and electronic databases, subscription packages.

Library, September 1, 2006 until March 31, 2010, the EU’s TACIS program is financed from the budget, KYRLIBNET evrodolboorunun within the framework of a joint Tempus UM-JEP-26219, exchange of information between university libraries and library resources, innovative 3-year evrodolboorgo collaborated participated.


Evrodolboordun KMBda 3 modern department:

Bibliography and electronic documentation Department (BED).

Scientific and technical information, training and distribution center (TsORNTİ)

Send electronic documents, making and data management system (EDD MIS) department of inter-library exchange system – T-System, electronic documentation

KMB by 25 librarian and IT specialists in the EU and I. Technical Library of KSTU evroönöktöştördün intervention on the basis of a competitive struggle, experience, trained today at the Library of walnuts using the media and new technologies are working on providing readers with information.

March 31, 2010, with the successful completion of the project JSU KNC CTS and other information resources, combined 6 higher educational institutions included in this project together with the exchange and use of higher educational institutions, libraries, library and information resources and materials to accommodate day and night For more information, opportunities will be created, a connecting link between libraries, higher education institutions KYRLIBNET Evrodolboorunun creation of a single site briefs www.kyrlibnet.kg

As part of the Library of walnuts, KYRLIBNET evrodolboorunun 2011. June 15, Kyrgyzstan Library Association joint legal electronic libraries, the state created legal association of electronic libraries, registration, registration certificate, along with Kyrgyzstan, has become one of the founders and organizers of the Association of the libraries. (Electronic Libraries Association, registration certificate № 117355-3301-Incorporation, CODE, OKPO 27489963 INN 01506201110228, s. 15. 06. 2011 Series GRYu No. 002858).


Kyrgyzstan Library Association joint legal electronic libraries of 16 library members.

KYRLIBNET evrodolboorunun is based on the framework of scientific and technical information, training and distribution center.

At present, KMBdagı learning course modules:

The use of electronic documents

Internet and computer literacy

Working with the EC and the ABS ‘IRBIS’

Working with the Library of library resources

Copyright (evrodolboordun)

Module: WEB 2.0 (evrodolboordun)

E-library (evrodolboordun)

KYRLIBNET evrodolboorunun, founded in 2007, the library’s Web site www.Jasulib.org.kg

The structure of the library:

E-directory and information resource development department (EKRİR)

Bibliography and electronic documentation Department (BED).

Scientific and technical information, training and distribution center (TsORNTİ)

Send electronic documents, making and data management system (EDD MIS) department of inter-library abonementi- T-System, electronic documentation system

Division: 5 subscription services, the 500-seat hall 6, paragraph 1, 2 electronic reading room, library reader’s demands to provide the service.


Library staff – 20 people.

At the space of walnuts on the faculties of 4 branches.

KMBda per year on a single ticket – 6814 reader, staying in one year more than 42422314 books and magazines, and is used by more than 185294 in the year.

The priority areas of work:

a complete set of qualitative fund;

educational process and scientific research to provide them with information;

Using the library to satisfying the needs of users of information and computer technology.

E-library established in the following areas:

textbooks on the disciplines taught at the university to create a full-text collections;

Conducting users to read literature in the background CD;

The faculty members of the university’s work to create a full-text collections;

Electronic Groups subscription base;

The full text of scientific papers walnuts publishers arouses.

JSU KMB – the Association of Information Consortium (BIC), the International Association of electronic libraries and new information technology users and developers (EBNİT) and libraries as well as libraries for joint legal Electronic Association (AEBK) member.

Walnuts library staff on a competitive basis, since 1999, international conferences, forums, workshops, and projects are active participants.