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Postgraduate and doctoral studies

Head of the department of postgraduate and doctoral studies, candidate

Technical Sciences, Associate Professor: Asilova Zulfiya Atamyrzaevna

Address: 715600, Kyrgyz Republic, Jalal-Abad, ul. Lenin 57, department of science

Phone: (996-3722) 2-16-02

E_mail: [email protected]

The postgraduate department was established in 1994. Postgraduate and doctoral studies are the main forms of training in the system after university professional education in the relevant scientific fields and specialties.


Today, graduate students are trained in 16 areas and 22 specialties. In graduate school there are 98 graduates of the university and other universities of the republic.

Every year, postgraduate students and job seekers organize courses in preparation for passing candidate exams in the history and philosophy of science, a foreign language, and the state language. There is a wide opportunity to test research results at conferences, seminars, round tables, etc. The research results are published, discussed at scientific conferences, seminars, meetings of the Scientific and Technical Council of the University.

Department staff

Mayryam Sydykova – Senior Inspector

Abdrazakova Gulmira Abdyzhaparovna – Senior Inspector