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Quality education department

Head of the Department of Education Quality, Doctor of Philosophy Tokoeva Guldana Samidinovna

Address: Jalal-Abad, st. Lenin – 57

Telephone: (0779) 748140 (03722) 56251

Site: http: // jagu.kg

E_mail: [email protected]

1 – Discipline discipline jonundogu zhobo

2 – ZHAMOUNUN bilim berunun zapatyn kamsyzdoo Sayasat


4 – JAMOUNUN Zapat Management Systems

5 – Position of ZHAGU about term paper

6 – The position of the PLO of higher and secondary vocational education by ZhASU

The quality department of education at Jalal-Abad State University began to function with separation from the educational unit on the basis of the Law “On Education” of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Regulations on Higher Educational Institutions, the Charter of the JASU in accordance with Resolution No. 788 of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic dated November 20, 2015 Jalal-Abad State University of December 10, 2015 as a structural unit, leading the implementation of the policy of improving the quality of education in an educational institution.

The main objective of the department of quality education is the organization, implementation and development of the system of management of the quality of education at the university and the development of a policy of improving the quality of university-wide education.

The department of quality education of ZHASU performs the following functions:

organization and development of a management system that constantly influences the improvement of the quality of education;

examination of the dynamics of the educational process;

development of business papers of normative legal acts and methodological materials of the education quality management system and monitoring inside the university of the quality of education and examination of the educational process with curricula, textbooks, teaching aids, staffing and material and technical education and other materials;

coordination of the activities of faculties, colleges and departments for the formation of a management system in order to improve the quality of education;

obtaining a license for new educational programs and coordinating the procedural work on the accreditation of educational programs being implemented;

development of the mechanism of internal evaluation of the university’s quality education system.

Currently, the department of quality education is headed by Tokoeva Guldana Samidinovna, Ph.D. In addition, methodologist Aitikeev Nurlanbek Zholdoshbekovich, inspector Karabaeva Uulkan Tashtemirovna work in the department.