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Sanatorium-preventive clinic of JAGU

Chief Doctor of the sanatorium

Makambayev Dzhunusaly Dzhakypovich

Address: Jalal-Abad Toktogul No. 16, 1st floor college building, Sanatorium-Dispensary

Telephone: 996 772 23 60 36

E_mail: [email protected]

License for medical activities
Regulations on sanatorium-preventorium JAGU
Order of the rector number 247 from 2013.
Report on the activities of the sanatorium and dispensary of the Kyrgyz Republic for 3 years (from 2013-2016)

Improvement of students and employees was and remains for the administration one of the priorities of the university. For this purpose, on the initiative of the trade union committee of students and the university administration, on the basis of a decree of the Central Committee of the trade union of public education and science workers, in 2013, the sanatorium-preventorium of JASU was opened.
The sanatorium of the JAGU preventive clinic carries out medical activities on the basis of a license of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic for general therapeutic services, physical therapy, medical massage, physical therapy, ultrasound and laboratory diagnostics. The main tasks of the sanatorium-preventorium are:

Provision of preventive and treatment, counseling and diagnostic services * Improving the health of students studying at JADU
Formation of a healthy lifestyle
Good nutrition * Prevention of various diseases and a decrease in the incidence of the disease in general.

For 3 years of work on the basis of the sanatorium-preventorium of JAGU more than 1000 people underwent rehabilitation. 350-400 enrolled students of JASU undergo treatment annually
Sanatorium – dispensary – students of JAGU who are studying are sent for health reasons, need preventive treatment, as well as persons who are registered at a dispensary account for chronic disease.

The features of the sanatorium – dispensary are the location of the territory of the university, which allows for recreational activities without interrupting classes during the school year.
One of the activities of the sanatorium at the Jagu Dispensary Sanatorium is health-saving technologies for promoting a healthy lifestyle, encouraging young people to take up physical education and sports. Preventing HIV infection and drug addiction

On the issue of the purchase of trips to the spa treatment contact:
Trade union JAGU tel: +996 772 11 65 01 Head physician dispensary sanatorium JAGU: +996 772 23 60 36