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Abylov Almaz Aytizhambylovich – Head of Workshop

Address: Jalal-Abad Frunze -32

Phone: (0322)

The commandant monitors the cleanliness of educational buildings and dormitories;

Monitors the safety of all equipment, furniture, org. machinery and equipment;

Maintains certain working documentation;

In the event of a conflict situation, the commandants must intervene on time and settle peacefully;

Keeps records of material values ​​that are accountable, is fully liable for the safety of property;

Provides household equipment and detergents to cleaners of the territory and, the audience and service premises;

Supervises and regulates the work of employees subordinate to him (watchman, handymen, electricians, etc.);

Controls the use and operation of equipment, ensures safety and operability;

Maintains cleanliness and order in all rooms, provides the necessary sanitary and hygienic conditions in them (lighting, airing, modern repair, etc.);

Provides fire condition with all necessary equipment;


Rakhmanov Talant Sadirzhanovich – head of the department of material and technical supply

OmurzakovKalbay – warehouse manager

Address: Jalal-Abad Lenin -57

A department that provides all the necessary for the stable operation of all services;


Shabdanov Emil – chief specialist of the TB and GO

BotaevAbdumalik – chief power engineer

Address: Jalal-Abad Lenin -57

Service providing, energy, fire prevention, anti-terrorism security and civil defense;