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Kara Kul College

Kara Kul College

Kara Kul College


Cholponkulov Shayirbek Satıbaldieviç

Adress:Kara-Kul Sabirov – 1a

Phone:(03746) 5-11-60, 5-28-81

Email:cholponkulov.shairbek. @ Mail.ru

The Kara-Kul College of Zhagu was founded in 1981 at the All-Union Kuibyshev Energy Engineering College (Samara) and by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 4/4 of June 3, 1994, by the order of Jalal-Abad State University No. 188 of September 15, 1994 By the order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 487 dated August 17, the Kara-Kul Energy Engineering College was reorganized as part of Jalal-Abad State University. Since 2007, by order of the Ministry

Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic renamed to Kara-Kul College of  Jalal-Abad State University.Since the establishment of the school until 1993, Podgortsy Lyubov Sergeyevna headed. From 1993 to 2007, he was an honored worker of education of the Kyrgyz Republic, Honored Worker of ZhASU, senior teacher Ziyaev Kadyraly Abdyganievich. During the ego of work, an advisory center of ZHAGU was opened, where specialists with higher education were trained. From 2007 to 2009, the college was headed by a candidate of technical sciences, associate professor: Turdaliev Shykymanar Esenovich. Our college is a secondary vocational school. Currently, the college has 2 departments: “Energy Engineering and Transport” “Humanitarian and Economics” successfully work: 27 teachers of them: 4 candidates of sciences, 8 excellent students, 2 associate professors, 8 senior teachers and 3 teachers from OAO “KASKADA TGES”. More than 500 students study.

Directions and specialties for which training is carried out:

CodeThe name of the direction (specialty)Qualification-ration levelTraining periodForm of study
1140212Power supply(by industry)Техник2 years 10 months1year 10 monthsFull-time, correspondence
2140206Electrical network stations and systemsТехник2 years 10 months1year 10 monthsFull-time, correspondence
3190701Organization of transportation and management in transportТехник2 years 10 months1year 10 monthsFull-time, correspondence
4270104Hydrotechnical constructionТехник2 years 10 months1year 10 monthsFull time
5050809Teaching in primary schoolPrimary school teacher2 years 10 months1year 10 monthsFull-time, correspondence
6080110Economics and Accounting(by industry)Accountant2 years 10 months1year 10 monthsFull-time, correspondence
7050809Teaching in primary schoolPrimary school teacher2 years 10 months1year 10 monthsFull-time, correspondence

The material and technical base of the college

Educational building with a total area of ​​-605.05 square meters. m. Administrative building – 2059 square meters. Library with a reading room -248 square. m. Gym-420 square. m. Dining room for 40 seats-204 square. m Assembly hall -200 square. mStadium -2800 square. m. Training and production workshops-1300 square meters. m. Football stadium 60×110, sport complex “Energetik” 792m 2 , tennis hall-54m 2 .

Children’s football area-54m 2

The material and technical base of the college

Educational building with a total area of ​​-6105.05 m 2 . Administrative building – 150,26m 2 . Library with a reading room -48 square. m. Sports complex “Energetik” -792m 2 . Dining room for 40 seats -78m 2 . Assembly Hall -72m 2 . Training and production workshops-47m 2 . Stadium football 60Х110. Tennis hall-54m 2 . Children’s football area-54 m 2 .

Library fund: – 14235 copies, in Kyrgyz language – 850, electronic library – 27, teaching and methodical complexes – 24, textbooks developed by PPP – 14.

Subscription to periodical scientific journals; “Vestnik ZHAGU”, Osh State University, and the Institute “Machine Engineering”, KRSU and newspapers in 4 titles.

Computer security : Total 32 computers, 7 printers, 1 interactive 2-projector whiteboard, 2 computer class.

Teaching staff.

Currently, the college employs 27 teachers, 4 Ph.D., 3 graduate students, 8 excellent public education students, 7 senior lecturers and 3 part-timers, specialists working at OJSC KASKAD TGES, Kur-Sai GES. In educational institutions there are 2 departments:  

1) “Energy and transport”

2) “Humanitarian, scientific disciplines and Economics” Highly qualified specialists work in each department.

There are 8 teachers in the department “Energy building and transport”, 2 of them are part-timers, working in the structural units of OJSC KASKAD TGES, Kur-Sai GES, senior teachers -4 and 3 young specialists. Students studying in the direction of Electrical supply (by industry), Electrical stations, networks and systems, Hydraulic engineering, Organization of transportation and management of transport practice in the divisions of JSC, Institute Hydroproject, KASKAD-TGES, Kurp-Say GES, Kambar-Ata GES– 2, “Dostuk” plant, substation ORU-500, DEP-30, Kara-Kul STK DOSAAF, and in various sectors of the national economy.

There are 18 teachers in the department “Humanitarian, Scientific Disciplines and Economics”. Of them: candidate – 2, graduate student – 2, excellent education of the Kyrgyz Republic – 5, senior teachers -6 and 2 young specialists. Students enrolled in various areas are practicing for relevant organizations; In secondary schools of Kara-Kul, Toktogul, Nooken, Bazar-Korgon, Aksy districts. In banking spheres.

Research work

Research by employees is carried out throughout the school year. Every year, faculty members, graduate students and students take part in various scientific and scientific-practical symposia, conferences and other events held at the university, the republic and abroad, where they successfully demonstrate the results of their scientific and innovative activities. In 2017, they are preparing to defend their thesis – 1. Employees and students of the college annually participate in scientific and practical, republican and international scientific conferences.

Active work is underway to attract international grants to the direction: the Asian Development Bank has allocated 5,000,000 soms to strengthen the material and technical base of the college.

International connections

The college has close ties in educational, scientific and cultural fields with leading Kyrgyz and foreign universities, research institutes and enterprises:

  • Jalal-Abad State University
  • Kyrgyz National University
  • Osh State University
  • Kyrgyz Academy of Education
  • Whilst Sai GES
  • Kambar-Ata-2
  • Institute “Гидропроект”