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Medical College

Medical College

Medical College

College Director Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor

Egemberdieva Altynay Duishoeva

Adress:- Jalal-Abad, ul. M.Botbaeva b /

Phone:0552 28 45 67

E-mail:[email protected]

General characteristics of the school

The Medical College of Jalal-Abad State University was founded by the Decision of the Academic Council No. 6 dated May 21, 2012, as well as the order No. 126 of the Rector of ZAGU dated May 25, 2012, based on the department of secondary medical education. The Charter of the Medical College of ZhASU was reviewed and adopted at a meeting of the Academic Council of ZhASU Protocol No. 6 dated 05/21/2012 and approved by the Rector of ZhASU There is a certificate of state registration of a legal entity registration number 123746-3303-U from June 21, 2012.

Medical College ZhASU began to function as a department of secondary medical education in September 2011.

The Medical College of ZhASU is a state educational organization providing vocational training for specialists with secondary vocational education in accordance with the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Education”, Decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic of February 3, 2004 No. 53 “On Approval of Regulatory Legal Acts Governing Educational Activities and secondary vocational education of the Kyrgyz Republic “and other normative legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic regulatingeducational activities and bylaws.

Founders: Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic and Jalal-Abad State University.

Ownership: State

Financing: self-financing.

Currently, the college provides training in the following specialties:

1. 060101 “Medical business”; paramedic 3 years.6 months

2.060102 “Obstetrics”; midwife. 2 years.10 months                 

3.060105 “Dentistry”. Dentist. 3 years.6 months

4. 060108 & quot; Pharmacy & quot ;; pharmacist. 2 years 10 months.

5. 060109 “Nursing”; nurse. 2 years 10 months

The management body of the college is the Academic Council of Jalal-Abad State University, the executive body is the director of the college.

Form of study: full-time

There are 6 departments in the medical college.

– “Department of General Education and Humanities”

– “Medical business”

– “Obstetrics”.

– “Sister Work”.

– “Dentistry”.

– “Pharmacy”.

Material and technical base

The main educational building of the medical college of Jalal-Abad State University is intended for conducting theoretical studies, lectures, seminars, laboratory studies in major and clinical subjects. It was commissioned in 1999 with a useful area of ​​5697m 2 , it meets the sanitary and hygienic requirements for the illumination of training rooms and auxiliary premises, the standards for a training area per student, the requirements for operating the sewer system, water supply, and fire safety. There is all the technical documentation on the possession and use of the educational building.

In the main building are functioning:                                                                                                             

28 rooms:    

– fundamentals of ecology,

– psychology

– chemistry, medical biology,

– humanities,

– the history of Kyrgyzstan,

– initial military medical training (disaster medicine),

– therapy

– surgery,

– pediatrics,

– obstetrics and gynecology-2,

– computer classes –2,

– Anatomy – 3

– philosophy,

– pharmacology – 2,

– nursing – 4,

– infectious diseases – 2,

– methodical cabinet

– a small gym.

– Gym for practicing clinical manipulations

14 laboratories

– Virtual microbial laboratory – 1

– Pharmaceutical technology – 1

– therapeutic dentistry -1

– basics of ecology and botany-1

– analytical chemistry -1

– surgical dentistry – 1

– therapeutic dentistry – 1

– pharmaceutical chemistry -1

– botany and pharmacognosy – 1

– organic chemistry – 1

– inorganic chemistry – 1

– basics of nursing – 1

– pharmacology – 1

– hygiene ecology-1

Qualitative composition of teachers

The teaching staff includes 123 teachers, among them: 71 full-time teachers, 52 part-time teachers. The share of full-time teachers is 80%.

With higher education – 123, with secondary special education – no. With the highest qualification category – 34, the first qualification category – 42, the second qualification category – 38, no category – 30 teachers. The share of teaching staff with the highest and first categories is 52.7%. Excellent health care – 23, excellent education – 28. Professional development and retraining of teachers is carried out on the basis of the southern PiPPK city of Osh and PiPPK KGMI Bishkek.

Research work:

For the period from 2011-2017, more than 94 scientific articles were published 21 tutorials 20 educational-methodical complexes 1 monograph.

College teachers participated in 25 conferences at various levels.                                                             

Practical training:

Students of the Medical College of Jalal-Abad State University practice on clinical bases on the basis of an order of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic, contracts with health facilities in the city of Jalal-Abad and district TB and FMC. (Jalal-Abad SAR, TsSM, GTSGSEN, Pharmacy No. 4, LLC Nur-stomatology, JSC Jalal-Abad Dentistry, Suzaksky TB, TsSM, RTSGSEN, Dental and pharmaceutical institutions, Kok-Zhangaksky TB, TsSM, Bazar- Korgon TB, CSM, TsGSEN, Nooken TB, TsSM, RTSGSEN, dental and pharmacy institutions, Kochkor-Ata TB, TsSM, Aksy TB, TsSM, RTSGSEN, Ala-Bukinskaya TB, TsSM, Tash-Kumyrskaya TSTB, Tash-Kumyrskaya TSTEM Toktogulskaya TB, TsSM, Ozgonskaya TB, TsSM, RTSGSEN, Kara-Kulzhinsky TB, TsSM).

At the ZAGU Medical College, one of the main tasks is to educate highly educated specialists in all selected areas.

 The basis of the educational work of the pedagogical staff of the college are the directions of spiritual, moral and aesthetic education:   

  • Love for the chosen profession.
  • Patriotic education.
  • Spiritual personality development.

Creation in groups of conditions for high-grade educational activity.

1. Education love for the chosen profession. The first steps of a freshman student begin traditionally: from the class hour “Dedication to students”.

Every year in September and October, representatives of the administration and curators of the medical college acquaint themselves with the institution’s routine and talk about the history and traditions of the college. The curators talk with students about their chosen profession. 

During the year, educational events are regularly held on the themes “AIDS”, “Tuberculosis”, “Influenza”, “Corruption”, “Suicide”, “Terrorism”, “Inter-ethnic Friendship”. . For them, students of medical college spend holidays and provide financial assistance.

2. Patriotic education.

The tasks of patriotic education of students are: education of the feeling of love for the Motherland and readiness for its protection.

Every year in May, the holiday “Victory Day” is organized, meetings with war veterans and combatants are organized.

3. Moral education.

Issues of spiritual, moral and aesthetic education of students conducted thematic classroom hours throughout the school year.The academic year begins with the familiarization of students with the Charter of the college, the rights and duties, and the internal regulations.

The following events are traditional in the college: “Dedication to students”, “Day of the Kyrgyz language”, “Day of the nurse”, “Day of the student”, “Day of lovers”, “New Year’s ball”, “Victory Day”, Intellectual game “Daanishman”

Every year, the teaching staff regularly participate in summer and winter sports competitions held by the university. They actively participate in city events aimed at preventing drug addiction, AIDS, and venous diseases. Socio-legal protection begins with the order of enrollment. At class hours, students familiarize themselves with the following provisions: on forms of social support (disabled 1-2 grams., Death of a parent, difficult financial situation), on material support for orphans. Conducted conversations with students in the form of questions and answers.

 The college regularly works to improve the educational process, the relationship of teachers and students.

Actively participate in urban activities aimed at preventing child abuse, AIDS, ven.zabolevaniya.   

Socio-legal protection begins with the order of enrollment. At class hours, students familiarize themselves with the following provisions: on forms of social support (disabled 1-2 grams., Death of one of the parents, difficult financial situation), on material support for orphans. Conducted conversations with students in the form of questions and answers. The college regularly works to improve the educational process, the relationship of teachers and students.

Currently, 1,423 students are enrolled in the medical college. Form of training under the contract. To date, more than 1,200 specialists have been trained who work in medical institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic and neighboring countries.