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Message from the Rector




During its development over the past years Jalalabad State University has consistently held to its motto of “dedication to practical studies, enhancement of knowledge, ability and quality”, and its declared mission to promote cultural exchange, commitment to personnel training, facilitate economic development and further social progress. With the support from the community as well as the joint efforts of teaching and administrative staff, researchers, alumni and students, the University has become the largest multi-discplinary university locally and been placed in the top ten universities in the region.

The University holds in high regard the promotion of virtuous ideals and the concept of whole person education, while being committed to the implementation of professional education and the development of academic research. It also focuses on cultivating high quality talent with both ability and integrity, to accord with the development of globalization in science, technology and economy.

Our educators hold fast to the belief that the University is not just simply a place to teach professional knowledge and develop professional skills; rather it is more akin to a place which promotes thinking and wisdom, purifies souls, and passes on traditions of outstanding cultural and humanistic spirit. Today, the global higher education environment is developing rapidly; with the continuous prosperous progress of Kyrgyzstan society and economy, the present offers an excellent opportunity to take the initiative in promoting higher education development.

To meet upcoming challenges and opportunities, we will continue to implement strategies of pursuing excellence in teaching and research with equal importance, establishing and furthering our bases in local society whilst maintaining an international outlook. We will accelerate the progress of internationalization of the University, solicit talent and build up high quality academic teams with international experience and multi-disciplinary backgrounds to provide quality high quality education and deepen interdisciplinary and innovative scientific research. Moreover, we will broaden further our diverse range of collaboration in the fields of teaching and research among institutions locally and abroad, create an academic and multicultural atmosphere in the campus, promote knowledge transfer and strengthen social service.

Please visit our website to find out more about Jalalabad State University, and we welcome all guests to visit our campus in person.



Yours Sincerely,

Professor Abdrashev Akunjan Bakazovich


Jalalabad State University