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Philology faculties

Dean of the Faculty of Philology, associate professor

TO THE. Orozbaeva

Adress: Toktogul Street, the city of Jalal-Abad, 24, building 3
Phone: (03722) 2-12-28
E-mail: [email protected]

Department of English Language and Literature
Department of Kyrgyz language
Department Kyrgyz, World Literature and Journalism
Department of Intercultural Communication and Linguistics
Department of German Language and Foreign Languages
Department of Russian Philology
Interfaculty Department of Foreign Languages

July 10, 2013 decision of the Academic Council and I wish my successor, “Philology Department of the peoples of the CIS” and “The Faculty of International Relations and World Languages” and “joined the Faculty of Philology and Journalism”, “ADA” was created. From 2013 until 2016 the faculty, PhD, Professor of Communication B.E.Darbanov headed.

Since February 2016, the Dean of the Faculty of Philology Faculty Dean, Ph.D., associate professor GA Orozbaeva

The mission of the faculty – oriented, innovative-minded philologist, teacher training and modern linguist-translators.

There is a part of the faculty chair 7

  1. Language Department

2.Madaniyattar International Relations and the Department of Linguistics

3.Anglis Language and Literature Department

4.Nemets Department of Language and Literature Studies

5.Kırgız nations of World Literature and Journalism Department

6.Orus Language and Literature Department

7.Fakultetter international foreign language department

The faculty members are:

The number of doctors: -3

The number of candidates: 18

Senior lecturer of -24


The faculty members are experienced professionals. Jalal-Abad State University, and has worked to contribute to the establishment of the faculty’s largest teachers. In particular, Prof. GA fragmentation, Darbanov B.E. Mirzahidova MI, Dr., Professor, Mr. AK, Kochkorbayeva HP, Kalchakeev KK, Omorov AO, Asylbekova D.

Most of the teachers involved with the various regional and international conferences, talks, and to improve their knowledge. Jalal-Abad State University, teachers, district, and the best of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the State Language Commission Awards. In contrast, the English language teachers of America, China, Hungary, India, England states through the exchange of experience. Teachers of the various regional and national socio-cultural activities, sports events and are actively involved.

Faculty prepare for the following professions bachelor specialties

550300 – English Language and Literature

550300 – Russian language and literature

550300 – Language and Literature

531100 – Linguistics

550300 – German Language and Literature

Heads of department

1.Bakirova G.- Dr., Professor, Head of the Kyrgyz language;

2.Çokoeva D.- Dr., Professor, CAF, and the nations of the world and journalism. the head;

3.Asılbekova CT – the chair of the German language and area studies;

4.Kalmurzaeva A.-f.i.k., Associate Professor Russian philology kaf.başçısı;

5.Satıbaldieva G. Dr. CAF, professor of linguistics and intercultural communication. the head;

6.Kalmuratova A.- Dr., Associate Professor of English Language and Literature kaf.başçısı;

7.Joldoşbaeva T. CAF – Professor, departments and international foreign language. the head;

Today, the Faculty of Philology, 560 time, a study enrolls 245 students in the department. The faculty of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China and Turkey, the students also created all the conditions for access to education, training. The lab, reading room, modern audiences with interactive boards, 3, with audiences through training and workshops. Education Corps professor K.Asanaliev Literature, Tynybekov Cana, named after a famous poet owns A.Begikulovanın, language, history and linguistics turkologiya Caan, the state capital, on the scientific advisory centers and guidelines in disrepair.

The faculty has 6 laboratories, 2 computer labs, and students will work menen13 clubs.