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Students council

The Student Council is an organization founded by the students of the JaSU in 1993. The Student Council was established to represent the rights and opinions of JaSU students.

Representatives of JaSU students as well as residency and doctoral students are included in the Student Council. They all work alongside with other universities and organizations to represent the interests of JaSU students. The Student Council co-operates with its counterparts from other universities as well as with several other student organizations,


What it does

The Student Council delegates its members to the JaSU Senate, Faculty Councils, Commission of Credit Loans and many other JaSU institutions. They can vote and exercise the right to veto. Among other social and academic activities, the Student Council also organizes Freshmen Parties,Eid parties, Holi, Dewali parties, Christmas Parties and St Valentine’s Parties.

The Student Council welcomes new members and activists every year, so if you are active, energetic, and if you have great ideas and suggestions on how to improve life at the JaSU, you are welcome to join the Student Council and choose to participate in one of the many teams:

  • External Communication Relations Department: co-opera with other student councils and organizations outside JaSU, to attract other partners and supporters.
  • Academic Department: The aim is to enhance co-operation between students and the heads of Faculties, and to improve the study process.
  • Public Relations Department: The PR team works to formulate and represent SC’s position on all matters and to promote it in social networks like Twitter, Facebook, in addition PR department takes care of the SC image.
  • Culture Issues: This team is responsible for all the cultural events and parties organized for our students.
  • Social Issues: This group deals with issues concerning student loans, scholarships and student hostels, and additionally helps to solve many other internal issues, e.g., matters concerning the library, cloakroom service, cafeteria, the copying department etc.
  • Sports and Health Department: Improve and provide SC and JaSU sports traditions, and to organize different sport and recreation events, take care about sportive and healthy spirit in SC and JaSU.
  • Finance Department: The aim is to take care about SC technical support not just in different events, but also in every day life, be rational and care about the legal side of SC actions.
  • Internal Communication Relations Department: The aim of this department is to promote the exchange of information among members of the SC.


Don’t hold back! Join our team to improve student life!