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The chair of the department of medical-biological disciplines

The chair of the department of medical-biological disciplines

The chair of the department of medical-biological disciplines

Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry and head of the department of education best

Ernazarova Baktugul Kochkorbaev

Adress:city, Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyz Republic Avenue. Manas ATP, Building 80, 4th Floor


E-mail:[email protected]

Department of medical and biological disciplines, rector of the decree №278 (August 30, 2016) and has been opened and led Ernazarova Baktugul Kochkorbaev.

Audiences and laboratories

2 in the lecture hall of the department and three laboratory.

Community Education

Laboratory of Biochemistry and Friday # 420

Education Office No. 408

Educational and scientific laboratories

  • Laboratory of Biochemistry and Friday # 420
  • General Chemistry Laboratory № 415

Analytical Laboratory No. 201

Scientific directions of the department: 
• Drug synthesis and study of their physical, chemical, and biological properties; 
• Biological fertilizers and their properties; 
• determination of the composition of water and soil. 

The teaching staff: 
Staff of the Department: 
6 full-time teachers, 2 teachers aykalıştıruuçu. 
Qualitative composition: 2 candidates of science, 3 senior teachers, 3 teachers. Chow

Students scientific-research work of  
students’ research activities and to enhance the charm of science “works” Young pharmacist clubs. Students Clubs synthesis of medicinal products and the environment, conducting scientific research on the health effects of pollution. 
The main publications of the Department 
of the monograph: 
Ernazarova BK N-Nitrosoedineniya. ISBN: 978-3-659-40918-9 
AP Lambert Academic Publishing Germany 2014 
Education and training manuals: 
• G. Irisova. The ministry has been marked on the normal physiology teaching aid. $ 8.75 discount printing plate. 2015
• G. Irisova. Medical specialties, for the Biochemistry laboratory works on the subject of practical and academic guidelines. $ 5 discount printing plate. 2014 
• G. Irisova. Department of medical specialties, vitamins course lectures. 2016 
Main articles: 
• Ernazarova BK Putin snijeniya toksiçnosti povışenie izbiratelnosti lekarstvennıh preparatov. Medicine and pharmacy. No. 2, 2001, page. 35-38 
Ernazarova BK Learning farmakotoksikologiçeskoy separate proizvodnıh glikozilkarbamidov. Regu SU. India and Kyrgyzstan.Agency Kabar.kg Civilization IV, a conference of international nauçnaya 2004, page. 153-157
• Ernazarova B.K., Zaikov G.E. Synthesis and study of the biological activity of derivatives of glycosyl carbamides. Encyclopedia of a chemical engineer. Moscow 2011, №8, pp. 24-26 
• Ernazarova B.K. Purposeful synthesis of new biologically active substances using Lawesson’s reagent. International Conference “Young scientists are the unifying force of world science and culture.” Turkmenistan, Ashgabat 2013, Abstracts of the reports. – p. 371-37 
• N- (D-galaktopiranozilcarbamoyl) dietilendiamin developinganthelmintic activity. Korea Internation Womens Invention Exposition 2015 p.185 
• A method for producing glikozilmetiltiomochevin Korea Internation Womens Invention Exposition 2015 p.186
• Abdykulov SM International Journal of Coordination Chemistry (2014) «Journal of Coordination Chemistry», “Synthesis, characterization, conduction and diaelectric properties of tetra tert-butylsulfanyl substituted phthalocyanines” / 
Main inventions: 
• Ernazarova BK Dermugin V. Patent No. 573 15.02. N- (β-D-2003 galaktopiranozilkarbamoil) dietilendiamin proyavlyayusçiy antigelmintnuyu aktivnost 
• Ernazarova BK Jamanbaev Popova, Dermugin V., headed Abduraşitova №617 patent glucopyranosyl-naftiltiomoçevinaobladayusçaya antigelmintnoy separate 2003 g 
• Ernazarova BK Bakirova, erase Patent No. 1251. oxalic glikoziltiomoçevin 2010 g 
• Ernazarova BK September 30, 2016 №1785 patent Galaktopiranoziltio semikarbazid, obladayusçaya aktibakterialnoy separate

Квалификацияны жогорулатуу
•  Tisc training workshop    CERTIFICATE    hereby certify that
• Organized by  the World Intellectual Property Organization and the State Service of Intellectual Property and Innovation under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzpatent) Bishkek November 28 and 29, 2012
• For successful fulfillment of the requirements of the Workshop on Strategies for Success in Proposal Writing I Authorship of Research Articles  Held September24 -September27, 2013 in Karaiot, Kyrgyzstan Certificate of Completion  awarded to Ernazarova Вaktygul
• Certificate No. 667/13 Ernazarova BK Distance learning, ECTS, successfully completed the training on the basis of credit technology. The total of 32 hours. 
• Ernazarova BK Asanov S. Organization of higher education in the state budget of the Russian Federation. Training tokty № 772404704661. 72 hours. “Innovative Management. Management of innovative projects in the city of Moscow. ” 2016, 
participate in the churches, workshops and seminars  
held abroad and the Department actively participates in seminars and conferences. How, then, were awarded with certificates and prizes. 
International Cooperation
The department with the leading universities in the country and abroad will work together in the field of scientific and educational. 
• Bosphorus University, Turkey 
• N. D. Zelinskiy Organic Chemistry Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences 
• IK IK state medical academy; 
• Ataturk-Ala International University; 
• The National Academy of Sciences; 
• Osh State University;