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The Institute for Continuing Education

Director of the Institute of Continuing Education, Ph.D., associate professor Umetov Salmoorbek Sadirbekovich

  Address: Jasal-Abad, Manas Street – 80, Building 7 – ATF, 720909, Kyrgyz Republic

  Phone: (+996 778) 08-08-39

  Website: http://dojasu.kg/

  E_mail: [email protected]

The Institute of Continuing Education was founded on July 14, 2009 by the resolution of Academic Council No. 9, by order of the Rector dated July 20 No. 260 on the basis of the Faculty of Training and Retraining, Department of Practice, Marketing and Naturally Humanitarian Lyceum. The first director of the Institute of Continuing Education from 2009 to 2015 was a member of the international academy of sciences (Moscow), academician of the engineering academy of the Kyrgyz Republic, honored education of the Kyrgyz Republic, doctor of technical sciences, professor Karimov Abdukadyr Karimovich.

The Institute of Continuing Education is a structural subdivision of the university, the main purpose of which is to meet the needs of citizens in additional vocational education, in retraining and advanced training of personnel in topical, including innovative, areas of science, technology and production.

The main activities of the Institute of Continuing Education are:

intensive training of students, graduate students and teachers in foreign languages;

foreign students learning Kyrgyz and Russian;

professional development and professional retraining of managers and specialists in the profile of the university;

The structure of the Institute of Continuing Education includes:

Department of vocational training and retraining;

Department of Advanced Studies;

Resource Center for management of non-profit organizations.


The technical base of the institute consists of 14 classrooms, 5 computer classes, 2 interactive boards, 6 printers, 2 projectors and 1 teaching and scientific students providing in-depth study of technical disciplines, as well as their implementation, under the guidance of scientists of the Institute of Fundamental and Applied Scientific Research .

Currently, only 2870 students in 36 specialties and 27 fields of study are enrolled in INO. During its existence, the institute has trained more than 8,000 graduates in the educational standards of the Kyrgyz Republic, who are in demand in manufacturing, administrative, educational and cultural spheres of the Kyrgyz Republic. Student practice takes place in the most prestigious institutions, organizations and enterprises of the Kyrgyz Republic.