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Message from the Rector

During its development over the past years Jalalabad State University has consistently held to its motto of “dedication to practical studies, enhancement of knowledge, ability and quality”, and its declared mission to promote cultural exchange, commitment to personnel training, facilitate…

Message from the Dean

The Faculty of Medicine at Jalalabad State University aims to support and develop the leaders who improve the health of Kyrgyz and communities worldwide. At the core of our mission is a commitment to constantly seek to improve what we do and strive to do our best….

Faculty of Medicine

If you wish to study medicine in Kyrgyz Republic, the Faculty of Medicine of Jalal-abad State University will be the best choice. Faculty of Medicine offers the most significant study block in medicine in Kyrgyz Republic. It is the legatee of the academic base and traditions of Jalal-abad State University.

Jalal-Abad city

Jalal-Abad is the administrative, economic and cultural center of Jalal-Abad Province. It lies in the south of the Kugart valley, near the foothills of the Babash Ata mountains to the North. The climate is noted for dry, hot summers, warm and sunny autumns with rare precipitation and warm winters with high..



International Cooperation

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Academic Mobility

Jalal-Abad State University cooperates closely with International organizations and partners all around the world. Students can apply for academic mobility programs in our partner universities through Study in Europe – Study.edu.eu and Academic jobs on Academic Jobs in Europe – Jobs.edu.eu or through its parent organization Register.edu.eu